Florida offers much more than the highly publicized theme parks. Often our visitors and residents are not acquainted with the "old Florida" still present today.  

Many areas of Florida provide for nominal entrance fees or free use of the facility. We have an  abundance of state parks, annual festivals centering around many facets of Florida as well as battle re-enachments to give you the flavor of our historic past. Some "towns" have been reconstructed and native crafts are done while you watch.  Really gives you a chance to see how it used to be.

Florida Trails

If you could, would you go back in time to the days of the Pioneers of Florida?  That is a dream you can realize even today.

Many of the old railroad beds have been purchased and are maintained as hiking and biking trails.  You can take a short hike or spend as much time and energy as you have exploring the backwoods of our beautiful state.  Many of the trails are accessed close to our state highways.  The Florida Trail Association  gives you a view of the area you are going to be roaming in.  At least one skirts a bombing range so be sure to acquaint yourself with the trail and stay in the designated areas. For a list of trails be sure to click on the dropdown menu "The Trail".  

  Now the dream of Jim Kern in the 1960's of a 500 mile trek has become a 1,500 mile National Scenic Trail.  Floridians help maintain the various trails through the state. Anyone can do something towards the upkeep.  


1835 Dade Massacre enactment
   Our veterans, Sons of the American Revolution and Civil War enthusiasts provide a first hand look at the way our battles were fought.  Commemerative services are held each year around the  state with markers erected  in  memory  of  veterans  in  various cemeteries.   Florida Reenactors Online  provides a  list of their activities for the year.

State Parks

  Florida's  climate  lends  itself  to  year round activities  -  some need warmer weather than others  in different parts of  the state.   Many of these parks are on sites of historical interest. Some are just for the fun of  it.  You can commune with nature, swim in the cold water of the many springs or ocean, boat, canoe, hike, sail, arrange a family  get together under covered pavilions,  sit under  the trees and read a book.   This is another way to  see Florida in its  more pristine  past.  Not all are in  the interior  of  the state, some are on our coasts as well.  


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