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CLARK, Frank
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. II pg.162

CLARK, FRANK. This is a name borne jointly by two men, father and
son, which has long been one of special distinction in the legal profession
and in the public affairs of Florida.
FRANK CLARK, Sr., is best known through his long and faithful service as
representative of the Second Florida District in Congress. He was born at
Eufaula, Alabama, March 28, 1860, son of JOHN WISE and MARY EMILINE (KEILS)
CLARK. He was educated in Alabama and Georgia, admitted to the bar in 1881
and in 1884 came to Florida and located in Polk County. For a number of years
his home has been in Gainesville. While for many years one of the leading
lawyers of the state, his record of public service is his chief distinction.
He was for three terms a member of the Florida Legislature, was assistant
district attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and United States
attorney for the same district from 1893 to 1897. In 1900 he served as
chairman of the Democratic States Committee. He was elected to Congress from
the Second District in 1904, and his service has been continuous for over
seventeen years, beginning with the fifty-ninth Congress. He is now a member
of the Sixty-seventh Congress, and is one of the ranking members of the House
of Representatives not only with respect to seniority, but to the ability and
judgment he has brought to his service. October 8, 1884, he married MARY
ELLEN MAYO of Bartow, Florida.
FRANK CLARK, Jr., son of the congressman, has also been somewhat
active in public affairs, though so far he has kept quite closely to the valid
work of his profession. He was born at Bartow in 1887, was carefully
educated, being a graduate of the law department of the University of Georgia
with the class of 1909. He received his collegiate education in the
University of Florida, and began practice with Judge W.A. BLOUNT of Pensacola,
one of the state’s most distinguished lawyers and jurists. After one year he
left Pensacola and took up practice in his home city of Gainesville. He came
to Miami and established his office in this city in July, 1921, forming a
partnership with his brother-in-law, JOHN M. MURRELL, under the firm name of
Clark & Murrell.
During the World war Mr. CLARK was in the navy a little over a year.
He held the rank of ensign and was assigned to duty as naval supply officer on
the United States Transport Newton, carrying troops and supplies to France.
Mr. CLARK represented the Gainesville District in the Florida Legislature in
1917. Since coming to Miami he has taken an active part in business and
social activities of the city, is a member of the Elks and other
organizations. He married Miss KITTY JAMES of Chester, South Carolina.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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