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Cubberly, Fred October 28, 1869 -

Source: The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.III   pg.234-5  1923
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present

CUBBERLY, Hon. FRED, lawyer and author and United States district attorney at Gainesville, is one of the most scholarly members of the Alachua County bar, and has had a most varied experience.  As lawyer, author and a student of literature and history, he is well known.
 Judge CUBBERLY was born October 28, 1869, at Chillicothe, Missouri, a son of GEORGE and SARAH (FRAZIER) CUBBERLY, the latter of Scotch Quaker stock.  GEORGE CUBBERLY was born in Ohio, being a descendant of ancestors who came from Cubberly Manor, England, at an early date, settling first in New Jersey and later removing to Ohio.  During his earlier years GEORGE CUBBERLY
followed a somewhat adventurous career in Mexico, California and elsewhere in the western country, being a miner and prospector and at one time holding the rank of major in the United States Army.  During the later years of his life he settled in Florida, where he followed agricultural pursuits and orange growing, and died in 1896.  He had three children, all of whom are living.

    The eldest of his parents’ children, FRED CUBBERLY attended the public schools and as a youth followed farming and phosphate mining in association with his father.  His tastes and inclinations, however, ran toward the law, and about the time of his father’s death he entered upon the study of his chosen profession and was admitted to the bar in 1898.  He immediately began practice at Bronson and followed his profession there and at Cedar Keys until 1908, when he was appointed United States attorney by President Roosevelt, a
position which he retained for four years.  In the meantime, in 1909, he took up his residence at Gainesville, which has been his home and the scene of his activities to the present.  In 1914 he was appointed judge of the Municipal Court, a position which he also held in 1915, and from 1917 to 1921 acted as referee in bankruptcy.  In December, 1921, he was appointed United States district attorney and this office he now holds.  He is thoroughly versed in every phase of the law, and in the conduct of his office has been energetic and capable.  His large library embraces both legal and general literature, and his outward characteristics and daily life, he evinces every mark of the cultured, energetic, able and progressive lawyer and gentleman.  Judge CUBBERLY is the author of a number of articles which have been published in newspapers and magazines, and one sketch, “The Dade Massacre”, was ordered published by the United States Senate as a public document in 1921.  Judge CUBBERLY was appointed a member of the Dade Memorial Commission by the governor of the state in 1921, and is now chairman of the commission, which is engaged in marking and improving the site of the Dade battleground as a public park.

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