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George L. Blount
The History of Florida: Past & Present
 The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. II, page 167, 1923.

 BLOUNT, GEORGE L., is senior of the three brothers comprising the firm of Blount Brothers, one of the most perfect organizations for the growing and marketing of vegetable crops on the Southeast Coast of Florida. Their operations are conducted at Pompano, Broward County. These brothers came to Florida and have been continuously associated for sixteen years or more, from the first combining their industry and co-operation in the absence of other capital, and have built up an efficient system involving the labor of hundreds of persons for the cultivation, planting, gathering and marketing of truly enormous crops of beans and other vegetables. Their specialty is green beans, picked and sent to the Northern markets. GEORGE L. BLOUNT was born at Effingham County, Georgia, in 1879. His mother is now deceased. His father Rev. GEORGE A. BLOUNT, a retired Baptist minister, was born in Savannah, Georgia, and represents the historic BLOUNT family of that state, a family that has contributed men of prominence for generations. Rev. Mr. BLOUNT preached for half a century in South Georgia in the country adjacent to Savannah. Besides the three BLOUNT brothers there are two other sons and three daughters still living in Georgia. GEORGE L. BLOUNT spent part of his early boyhood in Savannah, but was reared to farming pursuits. He arrived at Pompano in what is now Broward County, then a part of Dade County, in November, 1906. His brothers J. DEVOTIE and WILLIAM H., soon joined him, but GEORGE BLOUNT was the only one with any cash capital, his resources aggregating about $1,000. They began the raising of vegetables on a small scale, and for several years put out a limited acreage in snap beans, peppers, egg plant and tomatoes. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the business has been the precious relationship of harmony and efficiency between the three brothers. They have been in partnership for over sixteen years, have effected a complete subdivision of labor and responsibility, and have handled their affairs in perfect harmony and with results that afford another proof of the old adage that in union there is strength. For several years they have produced vegetables on a large area of land, their main crops being beans, of which they planted about 150 acres together with an average of about fifteen acres each in egg plant, peppers and tomatoes. They sent 15,000 hampers of beans to the Northern market in the winter of 1920-21. Their working force comprises from ten to twenty-five farm hands, and they employ from sixty to 100 colored pickers during the season. Each of the BLOUNT brothers owns a comfortable home just northeast of Pompano, and they are properly counted among the most substantial men in a financial sense and also as citizens. Recently they organized the Blount Brothers Realty Company, for the development of eighty- three acres of property on the Atlantic Beach just east of Pompano. This property was divided into lots, improved with electric light and water system, and is one of the most notable real estate developments along the Southeastern Coast. GEORGE L. BLOUNT married Miss MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS of Bradentown, Florida. She was born in Texas. Their four children are LANDRUM, MARTHA, BRUCE and EUNICE.
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