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Paul C. Bryan
The History of Florida: Past & Present
 The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. III, page 36, 1923

 BRYAN, PAUL C. has lived in Fort Lauderdale since early boyhood, is one of the prominent younger men of the community, and recently was appointed sheriff of Broward County by Governor Hardee. Mr. BRYAN entered upon his official duties with a determination to carry out the letter and the spirit of law enforcement, particularly with reference to the enforcement of the prohibition law in the county and in exercising the powers of his office to restrain and drive out confidence men of different kinds. His administration so far has brought him a high degree of credit and has proved a valuable influence in making Broward County a seat of law and order. He was born at Crescent City in Putnam County, Florida, in 1891, son of LEWIS HENRY and ELIZABETH MARGARET (WILLIS) BRYAN. His parents are also natives of Florida. PAUL BRYAN was educated in public schools and in Rollins College at Winter Park. The family lived in Volusia County for about six years, and in the fall of 1900 located at Fort Lauderdale, then in Dade County, now the county seat of Broward County. For about twelve years before assuming his present official duties PAUL BRYAN was connected with the Fort Lauderdale Post Office, the greater part of the time as assistant postmaster. His sister, Mrs. S. M. CRAIG, is postmistress. It was on March 1, 1922, that Mr. BRYAN became sheriff by appointment from Governor Hardee. He married Miss JESSIE MAUD HENSON, a native of Duval County, Florida. They have one daughter, LUCILE (sic).
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