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COXWELL, Thomas L.
Author: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923, Vol. II pg.273

COXWELL, THOMAS L. Few of the men of Calhoun County who have worked
their own way to positions of independence have a better claim to the title of
self-made man than has THOMAS L. COXWELL of Blountstown, who occupies the
position of county assessor. Left an orphan when still a lad, without friends
or finances, and with only the rudiments of an education, he entered upon his
independent career when still in his early teens, and through his own
initiative and resource has made his life a success.
Mr. COXWELL was born June 24, 1880, in Worth County, Georgia, and is a
son of GEORGE and SARAH (JOHNSON) COXWELL. He is of Welsh descent on his
father’s side, his grandfather having been born in Wales, whence he immigrated
in young manhood to the United States, and took up his residence in Georgia,
where he passed the remainder of his life as a farmer, and when the
controversy between the South and the North assumed proportions that meant
war, was employed in the shops of the Confederate government at Montgomery,
Alabama. While testing a cannon he was wounded in the head which affected his
hearing for life. In 1883 he and Mrs. COXWELL, also a native of Georgia, came
with their family to Florida, and here rounded out their lives in the vicinity
of Blountstown, where they followed agricultural pursuits.
THOMAS L. COXWELL attended the public schools of Calhoun County until
he was fifteen years of age, at which time he was forced to seek employment in
order to support himself. He was engaged as a farm hand, on public work, in a
sawmill, and in fact, at whatever honorable employment presented itself, and
in the meantime furthered his education by studying at night, after his hard
day’s work was through. His first real position was as postmaster at Chipola
Landing, a little community of Calhoun County about eight miles from
Blountstown, from which the office has since been removed. While there he
became well known to the people as a young man of progressive spirit and
integrity, and in 1912 was elected county treasurer, a position which he
filled efficiently during that and the following year. His next office was
that of county assessor, in which he has since been retained by three
successive re-elections, having been the incumbent since January 1, 1915. Mr.
COXWELL has an official record that is second to none for efficiency and
devotion to duty, and as a result is to be numbered among the men who have
contributed materially to their community’s advancement. He has made a
careful study of conditions existing in the territory under the jurisdiction
of his office and thus has been able to regulate assessments in a way that is
eminently fair to all. He is a stanch democrat in politics, a Blue Lodge
Mason fraternally, and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
On January 23, 1908, Mr. COXWELL married at Blountstown Miss ANNA
SIMPSON, daughter of SAMUEL and EMMELINE (ELERBEE) SIMPSON, farming people and
natives of Georgia, the latter now deceased, and to this union one child has
been born, VERA.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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