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BARRETT, Edward Kirk

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
II, page 90, 1923.

BARRETT, EDWARD KIRK. In the career of EDWARD KIRK BARRETT, superintendent of buildings and
bridge and water supply of the Florida East Coast Railway Company, there is something of an
encouraging nature to be found. When he started his independent career it was in a humble
position, and the years that followed were well filled with hard labor. Yet through simply
taking full advantage of every-day opportunities and making the most of them he found that
the chance is given every youth to rise, and that it lies within his own powers to make a
place for himself.

Mr. BARRETT was born September 6, 1869, at Orange, New Jersey, and received a public school
education in Florida, where he had been brought as a youth by his parents. After leaving
the Duval High School in 1885, he took up railroad work, first as rodman with an engineering
crew. After one month in this capacity he became transmit-man and level man, capacities in
which he spent eleven months with the Jacksonville & Atlantic Railway, and in 1886 became
a surveyor, a position which he occupied during that year and a part of 1887. From 1888 to
1894, Mr. BARRETT was associated with GEORGE S. MORISON, of Chicago, as bridge inspector
and engineer, and in 1895 became resident engineer of the Florida East Coast Railway at
Palatka and Palm Beach. During 1896 and a part of 1897 he was superintendent of construction
and inspector of the Commercial, Cable and Queen Buildings, New York City, and from 1897 to
1902 was shop inspector of the Union Bridge Company of Athens, Pennsylvania, and the Pencoyd
Bridge Works. From 1902 to 1906 Mr. BARRETT was general foreman and inspector of the Florida
East Coast Railway, and in 1906 became supervisor of bridges and buildings for the same road.
In July, 1914, his title was changed to supervisor of bridges and buildings and water supply,
and in October, 1920, his title was again changed, this time to superintendent of buildings
and bridges and water supply. Mr. BARRETT''s home is situated at 64 Valencia Street. He is
accounted one of the best-informed men in his line in Florida, and, having worked his way up
from the bottom, is thoroughly familiar with the details of all departments. He has a number
of civic connections and has always been a supporter of movements which have promised to
advance the interests of the City of St. Augustine. He is also identified with several
fraternities and clubs, and belongs to the American Association of Engineers.

In 1898 Mr. BARRETT was united in marriage with Miss CELESTIA M. CRANS, of Athens, Pennsylvania.
They have no children.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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