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Crawford, John Thomas Gavin

Source: The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.II  p.75  1923
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present

    CRAWFORD, JOHN THOMAS GAVIN has earned distinction both in the law and in democratic politics.  His home and the center of his profession for the past fifteen years have been in Jacksonville.  He has made a reputation by his own works and abilities, apart from the
fact that he is a son of one of the state’s best known men, Hon. H. CLAY CRAWFORD, present secretary of state.

    JOHN THOMAS GAVIN CRAWFORD was born at Crawfordsville, Florida, December 6, 1885, son of HENRY CLAY and ANNA (MORING) CRAWFORD.  A considerable part of his youth was spent at Tallahassee, where he attended the public schools, and he acquired his legal education in the University of Virginia.  After his admission to the bar he practiced at Pensacola from 1906 to 1908, and since the latter year his home has been in Jacksonville.  He has won a very extensive practice in all local and state courts, and is well known
both in a business and professional way.

    Mr. CRAWFORD early began taking the role of a leader in the democratic party in the state.  In 1908 he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention at Denver.  Since 1912 he has had the heavy responsibilities involved in membership in the Democratic National Committee.  Mr. CRAWFORD is a member of the Kappa Alpha college fraternity, the Seminole Club, Florida Yacht Club and Florida Country Club.  June 20, 1918, he married PAULA CONNALLY, of Jacksonville, where she was born.  They have one daughter,

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