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Salem K. David

Source: The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.II   pg.274-5  1923
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present

    DAVID, SALEM K.  A rising young man of public affairs and at present an attorney with a substantial practice, SALEM K. DAVID, of Jacksonville, is one of those of foreign birth, but of American training, who have so truly absorbed the best spirit of the city and the times. Mr. DAVID did not choose his vocation in the untried enthusiasm of extreme youth, but only after a full consideration of its responsibilities and after due preparation for the discharge of the duties which its assumption makes necessary,  Perhaps that is one of the reasons for the rapid strides he has made since joining Jacksonville’s legal fraternity.

    Mr. DAVID was born May 20, 1893, in Syria, and received ordinary educational advantages in his native land.  He was eighteen years of age when he decided to seek the broader opportunities offered by the United States, and arrived in this country, alone, in 1911.  He had determined upon a professional career, and in 1912 began to give a part of his leisure time to the study of law, he having assisted his brother, JOSEPH K. DAVID, of this city, in his grocery business while preparing for the bar examinations.  During the next four years he applied himself assiduously to the mastery of this difficult vocation.  Eventually, in 1916, he was admitted to the bar, after successfully passing the State Bar examination, and began the practice of his profession.  He became a naturalized American citizen in April, 1917.  Mr. DAVID made several efforts to enlist in the army during the World war, but owing to organic heart trouble he did not succeed, although finally he was
accepted as a limited service man, and was at Monticello, Florida, with the Local Draft Board for Jefferson County, and was honorably discharged after the armistice.  Following his discharge from the service on December 19, 1918, Mr. DAVID resumed his law practice at 401 Law Exchange Building, where he has since been located.  His work has thrown him in contact with the people of his community, and a general recognition of his popular qualities has been followed by an acknowledgment of his ability and powers of initiative.  Of recent years he has taken an interest in civic matters, and has allied himself with movements which have promised better conditions
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