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BERRY, Daniel Webster

Transcribed from: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.
III, page 60, 1923.

BERRY, DANIEL WEBSTER is one of the prominent and successful younger members of the bar of
the City of Pensacola, and his prestige in his profession has been won by loyal and well
ordered effort, he having also depended upon his own resources in preparing himself for the
exacting vocation of his choice.

Mr. BERRY was born at Pensacola, September 12, 1896, and his standing in the community
places at naught any application of the scriptural statement that "a prophet is not without
honor saved in his own country". His father, WILLIAM J. BERRY, of this city, was born at
Selma, Dallas County, Alabama, September 17, 1849, a son of ALFRED BERRY, who likewise was
born in that state, where he became a prosperous planter and slaveholder prior to the Civil
war, in which conflict he served as a loyal soldier of the Confederacy, he having been a
resident of Pensacola, Florida, at the time of his death, in 1883. His son, WILLIAM J.,
is now the only survivor of the family of four sons and one daughter.

In his native county WILLIAM J. BERRY was reared to the age of fifteen years, and he then
became a youthful pioneer in the Lone Star State, where he served as a member of the old-time
Texas Rangers and where also he became a ranch operator. He finally came to Florida, and in
1879 he engaged in the sawmill business at Pensacola. He later became a lumber dealer and
finally a brick manufacturer in this city, and at the present time (1922) he is here engaged
in the mining and sale of gravel and sand. He is a democrat, and he and his wife are zealous
members of the First Christian Church at Pensacola. Mr. BERRY married Mrs. PAULINE ELIZABETH
(PFEIFFER) RAUSCHER, who was born at Pensacola, August 17, 1856. Of the eight children of
this union the subject of this sketch is the youngest. EVA is the wife of THOMAS W. BROWN,
a railroad man, and they reside at Atlanta, Georgia. LEOLA, who remains at the parental
home, is bookkeeper for the Morgan Thorsen Transfer Company. GEORGE A. is manager of the
gravel pit operated by his father at Berrylun, Alabama, he having been in the nation's
military service, at camps in South Carolina, during one year of the World war period, and
having been made top sergeant in an infantry regiment. MAMIE is the wife of WALTON MARKEY,
engaged in the wholesale grocery business at Orlando, Florida. WILLIAM RANDALL resides at
Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is a traveling commercial salesman. NANNIE is the wife of
FLETCHER CRENSHAW, of Atlanta, Georgia, her husband being in railroad service. ALOYSIUS,
who resides at Pensacola, is an electrical welder by vocation, and is married.

DANIEL W. BERRY attended the public schools of Pensacola, and in the night school conducted
by Professor Tyler he here obtained the equivalent of high school training, besides which
he learned stenography and typewriting. As a boy of eleven years he determined to prepare
himself for the legal profession, and began study along this line. At the age of fifteen
years he entered the law office of the late Judge JOHN C. AVERY, and there he continued to
give his attention to clerical service and to the careful study of law until he had so
fortified himself as to gain admission to the bar, October 19, 1917, when twenty-one years
of age. He engaged in practice, but soon abandoned the same to respond to the call of
patriotism when the nation became involved in the World war. In August, 1918, he went
to Camp Jackson at Columbia, South Carolina, when he was assigned to the light artillery
service. There he was a victim of the great influenza epidemic of that year, and came
near to the point of death. His honorable discharge was granted in December, 1918, about
one month after the armistice brought the war to a close. He then returned to Pensacola,
where he has since been successfully engaged in the practice of his profession, with
offices at 309 Thiesen Building. He is a member of the Pensacola Bar Association, and
is loyally aligned in the ranks of the democratic party. He became a candidate for the
office of county judge of Escambia County, Florida, in 1922, being one of five contestants
for that responsible position.

May 17, 1918, recorded the marriage of Mr. BERRY and Miss EYELA ERA INGRAM, daughter of
Capt. JOHN B. and EVA (HENDERSON) INGRAM, both of whom are deceased, Captain INGRAM having
been a steamboat captain out from the Port of Pensacola. Mr. And Mrs. BERRY have a fine
little son, JOHN INGRAM, born February 27, 1920.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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