CSA Pension Lists

Escambia Co., Fl

A12093 ADCOCK Joe A. Alabama Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A03403 AIKEN Isaac Means Georgia Fannie (Bryan) Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A01735 ALLEN Isaiah Eilando Alabama Units Mary (Jackson) Escambia 1906 29 pgs
D07022 ALLEN J.G. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1904 04 pgs
D02803 AMOS W.B. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1901 04 pgs
A08044 ANTONE Henry Alabama Escambia 1910 10 pgs
D20763 ARCHER William Stancil Alabama Charlotte (Grindle) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A11403 BAILEY James Alabama Tabitha (Phillips) Escambia 1902 12 pgs
A02572 BAKER Beverly 1st Regt Inf Jennie (DeRoulhac) Escambia 1925 08 pgs
D11857 BAKER William J. Home Guard Escambia 1908 06 pgs
A11399 BARCLAY David Alabama Mary (Lee) Escambia 1900 08 pgs
A04102 BARKSDALE John M. Alabama Ida (Creswell) Escambia 1914 20 pgs
A10063 BARLOW Theodore R. Alabama July (Joiner) Escambia 1929 07 pgs
D11791 BARNHILL Owen Alabama Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A02670 BARTLEY Millege L. South Carolina Ann (Giles) Escambia 1903 21 pgs
A04417 BASS William H. Georgia Nancy (Parker) Escambia 1914 18 pgs
A04279 BECK John W. Alabama Mary (Creamer) Escambia 1908 11 pgs
A04540 BECK William C. Alabama Annie (Collins) Escambia 1907 20 pgs
A03394 BECKWITH Henry Clay Virginia Mary (LeBaron) Escambia 1909 12 pgs
A03785 BEIRNE Joseph W. Mississippi Sarah (Lyden) Escambia 1912 05 pgs
A07664 BICKER Walter J. Alabama Escambia 1904 20 pgs
D18453 BILLARD Martin Mississippi Escambia 1910 14 pgs
A11055 BLALOCK A.B. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1905 10 pgs
A11404 BOBE Ignatius 2nd Regt Inf Eulalie (Gonzalez) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A02017 BOND F.E. 1st Regt Inf C. (Chaman) Escambia 1903 13 pgs
A01183 BONIFAY Eugene C. 1st Regt Inf Mary (Cooper) Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A00714 BONIFAY Felix J. 15th Conf Cav Rachel (Edeker) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A02738 BONIFAY Francis Casimir 1st Regt Inf Sarah (Davis) Escambia 1907 18 pgs
A01853 BOTTS Solomon Betton 1st Regt Inf Laura (Dixon) Escambia 1916 09 pgs
A12186 BOTTS William F. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1904 05 pgs
A05407 BOUTWELL Samuel Alabama Escambia 1908 21 pgs
D21046 BOWMAN Harrison Pilly 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1917 11 pgs
A04081 BOYETT Charles Alabama Elizabeth (Harvel) Escambia 1914 09 pgs
A06284 BRADLEY R.F. Alabama Escambia 1903 09 pgs
A02850 BRAY William Wilburn 7th Regt Inf Sallie (Sheppard) Escambia 1900 13 pgs
A06530 BRENT Daniel Gonzales 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1914 09 pgs
A06287 BREWTON Benjamin C. Alabama Escambia 1899 08 pgs
A08754 BREWTON Ezekiel Glenn 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1926 09 pgs
A10251 BRITTON Thomas Goddard South Carolina Mary (Dean) Escambia 1921 11 pgs
A06531 BROOKS Samuel E. Alabama Escambia 1914 09 pgs
A08565 BROSNAHAN George Othman Alabama Escambia 1907 15 pgs
A07672 BROWDER Lawrence S. Alabama Escambia 1904 09 pgs
A03386 BROWN H.C. Mississippi Ida (Williams) Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A11565 BROWN John V. 2nd Regt Inf Sarah (Bell) Escambia 1899 20 pgs
A04092 BROWN Philip Alabama Dora (Egge) Escambia 1908 14 pgs
A11412 BRYANT Alfred Dudley 2nd Regt Inf Mary (Snowden) Escambia 1908 11 pgs
A11409 BRYARS Joshua A. Alabama Lizzie (Pruett) Escambia 1903 14 pgs
A06328 BRYERS Benjamin H. Alabama Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A04721 BUGG John E. Tennessee Safronia (Smith) Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A03381 BURK Joseph Alabama Matilda (Dickey) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A07676 BURLESON Henry H. Alabama Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A10193 BYRD Hezekiah Alabama Mary (Coleman) Escambia 1907 29 pgs
A01257 CALDWELL Robert Cunningham 7th Regt Inf Marian (--) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A04548 CAMPBELL James H.M. Alabama Savannah (--) Escambia 1903 18 pgs
D23594 CAMPBELL James M. Alabama Escambia 1930 10 pgs
A11605 CAMPBELL William Thomas Alabama Teressa (Rhodes) Escambia 1908 23 pgs
D07677 CAMPBELL William Thomas Alabama Escambia 1904 12 pgs
A04374 CARDWELL Wade H. Alabama Fannie (Duck) Escambia 1904 14 pgs
A01815 CARO Albert V. Home Guard Julia (Taylor) Escambia 1907 28 pgs
A08903 CARTER David M. Alabama Escambia 1916 18 pgs
A03391 CAULKINS A.N. Louisiana Ella (Ward) Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A08747 CHANDLER George Shaw Alabama Escambia 1907 25 pgs
A12047 CHAVERS J.T. Alabama Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A03399 CHAVERS John T. Alabama Lucrecianne (Rhodes) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A10276 CHESTNUT James C. Alabama Emily (Mackey) Escambia 1908 18 pgs
A03384 CHILDERSON Thomas Alabama Mary (Preston) Escambia 1906 16 pgs
A11402 CHIPLEY Stephen Francis Kentucky Elizabeth (Galt) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
D19950 CHOON James Alabama Escambia 1909 20 pgs
A12959 CHRISTEN A.C. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1888 02 pgs
A11408 CLARKE James B. Alabama Mary (Scott) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A04551 CLIFFORD George T. Alabama Ellen (Frazier) Escambia 1907 25 pgs
A03792 COE John J. Alabama Catherine (Benton) Escambia 1912 05 pgs
A00726 COKER Egbert Bebell 1st Regt Inf Violetta (Beasely) Escambia 1899 09 pgs
A06297 COLEMAN Cornelius Alabama Escambia 1903 09 pgs
D02430 COLEMAN Thomas B. Alabama Sarah (--) Escambia 1901 04 pgs
A08803 COLLINS James W. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1927 08 pgs
A04565 COMMYNS William Alabama Harriet (Smith) Escambia 1918 08 pgs
A04153 CONNELL Robert Owsley Alabama Jane (Purvis) Escambia 1907 26 pgs
A07765 COOK Nathan Burrel Alabama Escambia 1907 15 pgs
A05574 COOLEY Isaac Home Guard Escambia 1906 18 pgs
A06348 COOPER G.T. Alabama Escambia 1902 08 pgs
A07671 COOPER Henry S. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A11054 COOPER J.B. 3rd Regt Inf Escambia 1906 12 pgs
A00783 COPE Edward 4th Regt Inf Madeline (Williams) Escambia 1906 18 pgs
D21153 COPE James T. 1st Regt Inf Caroline (Lloyd) Escambia 1917 11 pgs
A03405 COUPEE Alonzo E. Alabama Virginia (Yancey) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
D08494 COWART Thomas Ely Jackson Georgia Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A02148 CRABTREE Henry F. 2nd Regt Inf Martha (Bowman) Escambia 1907 22 pgs
A07782 CRAVEY John Z. Alabama Escambia 1909 13 pgs
A06493 CREAMER J.J. Alabama Escambia 1913 09 pgs
A03395 CROCKET R.J. Alabama Bettie (Allcbin) Escambia 1901 14 pgs
A10338 CROFT John B. Navy Srv Emma (Houseman) Escambia 1932 16 pgs
D16537 CURTIS George W. Georgia Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A02306 CUSHMAN Henry Clay 2nd Regt Inf Elizabeth (Stallworth) Escambia 1907 28 pgs
A06293 DAILY Mark Hawkins 1st Bttn Spc Cav Escambia 1905 13 pgs
D20147 DANIEL Simeon F. Alabama Escambia 1915 10 pgs
A01448 DANIELS John S. 4th Regt Inf Lena (Wedgeworth) Escambia 1907 25 pgs
A07766 DAVIS George H. Georgia Escambia 1909 11 pgs
A12501 DAVIS T.J. Alabama Escambia 1902 05 pgs
A06288 DAWSON James Madison Alabama Escambia 1906 13 pgs
A03540 De La Rua Filo Alabama Annie (Gingles) Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A00835 DEAN Joseph R. 15th Conf Cav Nancy (Hosey) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04305 DEAN Samuel John Georgia Sarah (Welch) Escambia 1916 05 pgs
A00717 DeLaRua John 15th Conf Cav Mattie (McMullen) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A06289 DELMAR Eugene 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1902 15 pgs
A12181 DENMAN Isaac Alabama Escambia 1908 09 pgs
A03388 DENNIS John Samuel Alabama Mary (Gamlar) Escambia 1903 12 pgs
A12409 DIAMOND John C. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1903 04 pgs
A11530 DICKSON James W. 4th Regt Inf Mary (Gray) Escambia 1903 15 pgs
A10288 DILLARD Crawford G. Alabama Anna (Beasley) Escambia 1932 09 pgs
A04376 DOCKENS James A. Georgia Manda (Nelson) Escambia 1901 20 pgs
A07700 DUNAHOO Enoch Alabama Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A08031 DUNCAN Nelson Kentucky Escambia 1910 17 pgs
A12548 DUNCAN Peter 15th Conf Cav Margaret M. (--) Escambia 1905 06 pgs
A10314 DUNLAP William Alabama Martha (Shell) Escambia 1909 15 pgs
A04330 DUNN James L. Alabama Nancy (Chandler) Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A02873 DUNN L.J. Alabama Martha (--) Escambia 1928 06 pgs
A03406 DURANT Napoleon Alabama Cecile (Bobe) Escambia 1906 10 pgs
D20513 EDDINS James R. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1916 09 pgs
A00723 EDWARDS John Wesley 15th Conf Cav Josie (Wachob) Escambia 1906 10 pgs
A01948 EILLINGHAM Asa T. Home Guard Margaret (Miller) Escambia 1917 11 pgs
A07681 EMMONS George W. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1904 20 pgs
A10373 EUBANKS James Napoleon Alabama Ellen (Corley) Escambia 1907 20 pgs
D11858 EUBANKS Robert H. Home Guard Escambia 1908 08 pgs
D17254 EVANS H.A.A. 5th Regt Inf Sarah Ann (--) Escambia 1904 14 pgs
A07684 FARINAS James Alabama Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A07687 FARINAS William Alabama Escambia 1907 21 pgs
A00619 FAULK Jordan D. 1st Regt Inf Margaret (Hayard) Escambia 1909 10 pgs
D16575 FEAGIN Samuel I. Alabama Escambia 1908 16 pgs
A04934 FELL John G. Alabama Fannie (Oliver) Escambia 1916 13 pgs
A07696 FELL William W. Mississippi Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A03592 FERRERA Antonia Alabama Margaret (Cornelius) Escambia 1904 25 pgs
A10358 FILLINGIM Henry Peyton Home Guard Lydia (Townley) Escambia 1932 20 pgs
A11407 FILLINGIM Joe Vaugh 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Duke) Escambia 1904 08 pgs
D06791 FLEMING R.P. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1903 04 pgs
A11020 FLEMING Robert P. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A03746 FLINN James M. Georgia Annie (Bowles) Escambia 1908 15 pgs
A04819 FLOWERS Henry C. Alabama Perle (Jennings) Escambia 1907 18 pgs
D07844 FRATER H.F. no service shown Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A07683 FRATER Henry F. Tennessee Escambia 1903 13 pgs
A02892 FREDERICK Henry B. Louisiana Nancy (Kelly) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A08929 FREDRICK Julius C. Virginia Escambia 1934 06 pgs
A03378 GANDY Evander Alabama Melissa (Fortner) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A04595 GENTRY Gilbert M. Alabama Exeline (Durden) Escambia 1904 13 pgs
A00710 GIBSON William 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Anderson) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A03890 GILES J.N. Alabama Arpey (Amos) Escambia 1903 12 pgs
A07661 GILMORE John Wadkins Alabama Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A00719 GINGLES James Washington 15th Conf Cav Mary (Hutchinson) Escambia 1907 10 pg
A07665 GONZALES Beake John Alabama Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A12104 GONZALEZ M.C. Qrt Mstrs Dept of Florida Erma (--) Escambia 1907 06 pgs
A03404 GOULDING Frank R. Georgia Sarah (Hackley) Escambia 1906 10 pgs
A12347 GRANT William J. Tennessee Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A04748 GRAY Francis H. Alabama Fannie (Smith) Escambia 1921 13 pgs
A11512 GRAY Richard M. Georgia Mary (Hayes) Escambia 1907 16 pgs
A07750 GREEN Alexander Hamilton Alabama Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A02493 GREENWOOD Ignatius G. 15th Conf Cav Mercedes (Gonzales) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
D19934 GRINNELL George F. 2nd Regt Inf Allie (Kimball) Escambia 1914 07 pgs
A00716 HAMMAC Henry C. 1st Regt Inf Mary (Manning) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A00725 HAMMOND Andrew P. 15th Conf Cav Martha (--) Escambai 1907 11 pgs
A02845 HAMMOND E. Spann Qtr Mstr Corps (Mrs Hammond) Escambia 1949 06 pgs
D20685 HARDY William Shepherd 1st Regt Inf Sally (Nelson) Escambia 1916 05 pgs
A03389 HARGIS Robert W. Alabama Merced (Bonifay) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A10354 HART David R. Alabama Cora (--) Escambia 1904 09 pgs
A04753 HARVEY Samuel S. Alabama Sallie (Levy) Escambia 1921 06 pgs
A11965 HARWELL F.E. Mississippi Escambia 1904 04 pgs
A03402 HATCH Asa Hamilton Louisiana Mildred (Aiken) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A03593 HAWKINS Clifton Alabama Matilda (Renfroe) Escambia 1909 08 pgs
A06989 HELTON James W. Alabama Escambia 1903 09 pgs
A07660 HENDRIX Jacob A. Alabama Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A04474 HENDRIX Peter A. Alabama Susan (Roberts) Escambia 1907 21 pgs
D10413 HENRY George P. Tennessee Mary (--) Escambia 1907 09 pgs
D19951 HIGDON Charles R. Alabama Escambia 1909 17 pgs
A00948 HINER Robert Phillip 15th Conf Cav Mary (Mimms) Escambia 1904 14 pgs
A04427 HINES Henry H. Alabama Sarah (Eddins) Escambia 1917 13 pgs
A04308 HOLLAND William M. Alabama Jane (Dockins) Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A03390 HOOTON Joseph A. Louisiana Sallie (Hughes) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A07748 HOYT John Ludlow Alabama Escambia 1907 18 pgs
A12980 HUGON B.J. 1st Regt Cav Escambia 1888 02 pgs
A04998 HURST G.M. Alabama Lucretia (Meddock) Escambia 1925 10 pgs
A04881 HURST John F.N. Alabama Priscilla (Ray) Escambia 1922 13 pgs
A07975 HURST K.C. Alabama Escambia 1909 12 pgs
A03695 HUTCHINSON William H. Alabama Ila (Merritto) Escambia 1907 21 pgs
A01789 HYER Albert 1st Regt Inf Mary (Knowles) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A07703 HYER Alexander Meous Georgia Escambia 1908 14 pgs
A12096 HYER William K. Alabama Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A01011 JACKSON Bolling H. 1st Regt Inf Mary (Gonzales) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A07749 JENNINGS James S. Alabama Escambia 1907 18 pgs
A03385 JENNINGS William Hubbard Alabama Elizabeth (Neal) Escambia 1906 10 pgs
A11400 JOHNSON Alexander J. 1st Regt Inf Mary (Bolts) Escambia 1899 16 pgs
A07695 JOHNSON Augustus Alabama Escambia 1907 14 pgs
D07498 JOHNSON Augustus Alabama Escambia 1906 09 pgs
A01146 JOHNSON George B. Arty Units Sarah (Rhodes) Escambia 1907 16 pgs
A10555 JOHNSON J.W. Alabama Lizzie (Henderson) Escambia 1929 15 pgs
D07846 JOHNSON James Alabama Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A10472 JOHNSON James J. Alabama Melviney (Shell)(White) Escambia 1904 19 pgs
A04071 JOHNSTON John B. Alabama Mary (Wright) Escambia 1914 08 pgs
A07697 JONES Boykin Georgia Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A07733 JONES Henry White Alabama Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A11060 JONES Lazarus A. 1st Regt Cav Escambia 1907 14 pgs
D05233 JOSEPH Antonio 1st Bttn Spc Cav Escambia 1903 04 pgs
A10909 KELLEY John 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1895 10 pgs
A10220 KELLY Delity (Powell) Arty Units Escambia 1930 09 pgs
A12312 KELLY William W.J. Navy Srv Mary (Smith) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
D07643 KELLY William W.J. Navy Srv Mary Ella (--) Escambia 1906 06 pgs
A04803 KENDRICK John W. Georgia Sarah (Langmaid) Escambia 1922 10 pgs
A06292 KERSEY Benjamin F. Alabama Escambia 1894 22 pgs
A04517 KEYSER Joseph C. Alabama Emma (Nieswanger) Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A02893 KIERCE Henry Alabama Honor (Hinote) Escambia 1910 14 pgs
A12593 KIMMONS W.J. 6th Regt Inf Escambia 1904 05 pgs
A00711 KNIGHT James H. 2nd Regt Cav Nancy (Crosby) Escambia 1909 09 pgs
A00713 KYLE John M. 1st Regt Inf Fetnah (Harley) Escambia 1903 over 10 pgs
A11084 LAFAR T.A. Virginia & Medical Dept Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A12524 LAMBERT R.J. Alabama Escambia 1904 08 pgs
A01765 LAND Benjamin F. 15th Conf Cav Octavia (McVay) Escambia 1915 10 pgs
A03376 LANDRUM Samuel W. Alabama Mary (Chapman) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A03969 LANG John Wesley Georgia & Navy Srv Sophia (Hildreth) Escambia 1907 20 pgs
D17859 LANGLEY Aaron B. 15th Conf Cav Margaret (Jernigan) Escambia 1903 09 pgs
A10092 LEE J.J. 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Brewton) Escambia 1929 07 pgs
D06811 LEE James 1st Regt Inf Susannah (--) Escambia 1900 08 pgs
A13012 LEE William H. Alabama Escambia 1888 02 pgs
D06389 LEONARD Asa A. Texas Escambia 1904 04 pgs
A04084 LEWIS Andrew Virginia Agatha (King) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A04290 LEWIS Calvin Alabama Elmira (--) Escambia 1913 14 pgs
A01584 LEWIS William Franklin 15th Conf Cav Annie (Abbott) Escambia 1905 21 pgs
A05402 LINTON A.E. Alabama Escambia 1902 10 pgs
A05408 LISCO Thomas Alabama Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A08392 LITTLE Robert Baxter Alabama Escambia 1916 11 pgs
A04061 LIVINGSTON Louis M. South Carolina M (Presley) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A00727 LONG Jessie G. 10th Regt Inf Emma (McDonald) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A01204 LOVETT James 1st Regt Inf Lurana (Bush) Escambia 1905 21 pgs
A04247 LYMAN Joseph W. Mississippi Sue (White) Escambia 1916 12 pgs
D23989 MACKEY Andrew Jackson Home Guard Escambia 1933 09 pg8
A08853 MACON J.H. pension by Legislative Act Escambia 1929 01 pg
D06195 MAJORS Daniel Alabama Escambia 1904 04 pgs
A04470 MAJORS Daniel M. Alabama Susan (Francis) Escambia 1904 23 pgs
A01947 MALONE Ephraim 15th Conf Cav Mary (Dockens) Escambia 1903 14 pgs
D02343 MALONE Ephriam . 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1900 04 pgs
A10018 MANGUM A.B. Alabama Alice (Brown) Escambia 1929 12 pgs
A03392 MANN W.W. Georgia Nettie (Maura) Escambia 1905 16 pgs
A10108 MARQUIS Frank Mississippi Elizabeth (Kilpatrick) Escambia 1899 22 pgs
A02158 MASON B.F. 1st Regt Inf Rachel (Johnson) Escambia 1913 18 pgs
A07693 MAURA Frank 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1907 13 pgs
D20305 MAURA Joseph E. Home Guard June (Brooks) Escambia 1907 15 pgs
A02223 MAYO Mark 15th Conf Cav Margaret (Jernigan) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A00834 MAYSON Frank R. 15th Conf Cav Ann (Sizer) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A02662 McCALL Samuel Alexander North Carolina Mary (Withers) Escambia 1908 18 pgs
A00950 McCLAY William Duncan 6th Regt Inf Mary (Cropp) Escambia 1907 25 pgs
A03607 McCLOSKEY James Alabama Mary (O'Neill) Escambia 1909 08 pgs
A04373 McCOY Henry C. Mississippi Bettie (Fountain) Escambia 1915 18 pgs
A13018 McCULLAGH Thomas R. Alabama Escambia 1888 02 pgs
A00949 McCURDY George Washington 15th Conf Cav Mary (Carnly) Escambia 1902 12 pgs
A10518 McCURDY William Alabama Florence (Morris) Escambia 1930 15 pgs
A03374 McDAVID Richmond Marion Alabama Annie (Young) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04211 McGUIRE John J. North Carolina Annie (Coneley) Escambia 1915 17 pgs
A03377 McLAUGHLIN Daniel Alabama Mary (McCloud) Escambia 1905 10 pgs
A04554 McRAE John Duncan Alabama Mary (Meadows) Escambia 1919 07 pgs
A11401 McVOY Alexander Florida & Navy Srv Elvire (Christian) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A02555 McVOY Octavius L. 15th Conf Cav Lavada (Laird) Escambia 1910 19 pgs
A11411 McVOY Thomas 15th Conf Cav Indiana (Hernandez) Escambia 1906 10 pgs
A02084 McVOY William Murrell 15th Conf Cav Cecelia (Roches) Escambia 1907 21 pgs
A10466 MEDLOCK Lucius Alabama Ida (Gentry) Escambia 1930 15 pgs
D20724 MERRITT Francis DeKalb Alabama Mary (Gunter) Escambia 1916 05 pgs
Al0033 MERRITT Thomas J. Alabama Elizabeth (Fowler) Escambia 1927 09 pgs
A12499 MILLER George W. 1st Regt Inf Elmina (--) Escambia 1902 05 pgs
A02644 MILLER Henry 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Bogart) Escambia 1926 11 pgs
D10042 MILLER J.W. Alabama Nicey (--) Escambia 1907 06 pgs
A11059 MILLER John 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1903 09 pgs
A04870 MITCHELL Jeremiah M. Mississippi Minnie (Hayes) Escambia 1912 20 pgs
A04531 MITCHELL John F. Mississippi Fannie (McNeil) Escambia 1908 17 pgs
A03891 MITCHELL Thomas S. Georgia Carrie (Johnson) Escambia 1910 14 pgs
A04761 MOFFETT Alexander Stuart Virginia Clemmie (McFadden) Escambia 1921 12 pgs
A04357 MOORE John Gordon Alabama Mary (Ghent) Escambia 1908 22 pgs
A07692 MOORE William H. 1st Bttn Spc Cav Escambia 1899 12 pgs
A11511 MORENO James N. Alabama Clara (Doar) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A01276 MORENO Stephen A. Arty Units Fannie (deRoulhae) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04409 MORGAN Richard Louisiana Nancy (Beck) Escambia 1917 07 pgs
A00718 MORGAN Walker 3rd Bttn Cav Angeline (Knight) Escambia 1903 08 pgs
A12329 MORRILL William Thomas Navy Srv Escambia 1901 16 pgs
A04616 MURPHY Gideon Alabama Susan (Davis) Escambia 1908 14 pgs
A04745 MURPHY William Henry Alabama Mary (Stapleton) Escambia 1907 17 pgs
D12091 NICHOLS Coval 1st Regt Inf Sarah (--) Escambia 1909 06 pgs
A04333 NICHOLSON D.N. 15th Conf Cav Sallie (Saltsman) Escambia 1916 08 pgs
D23134 NICHOLSON Neal W. Home Guard Clarissa (--) Escambia 1927 01pgs
A08307 NOBLES W.H. Home Guard Escambia 1914 12 pgs
A02957 O'BRIEN John Navy Srv Annie (Conway) Escambia 1928 14 pgs
A12749 O'CONNOR Charles Navy Srv Escambia 1902 05 pgs
A08345 ODOM William 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1915 11 pgs
A11056 ODOM William H. 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1901 10 pgs
A12020 OILEARY Mike Texas Escambia 1907 10 pgs
D20801 OVERSTREET Bowie Roberson Mississippi Mary (Easterling) Escambia 1916 05 pgs
A02769 OVERSTREET John D. Alabama Levenia (Anderson) Escambia 1927 05 pgs
A07701 PARKER William Pinckney 8th Regt Inf Escambia 1906 11 pgs
A07668 PAUL Michael Alabama Escambia 1908 14 pgs
A02723 PEAGLER J.H. Alabama Sarah (--) Escambia 1926 06 pgs
A03653 PEAKE Edward William Alabama Ann (Grant) Escambia 1910 09 pgs
A02170 PENNEL George B. 1st Regt Inf Harriet (Chalker) Escambia 1903 16 pgs
A03827 PENTON Aaron D. Alabama Zelie (Beck) Escambia 1897 19 pgs
D23288 PERKINS Fletcher Tolivar Mississippi Escambia 1928 14 pgs
A03387 PERRY Alexander C. Alabama Susan (Duncaworth) Escambia 1907 21 pgs
A07670 PERRY Alexander F. Alabama Escambia 1904 14 pgs
A07673 PERRY John T. Alabama Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A03741 PERRY Joseph M. South Carolina Emma (Long) Escambia 1907 24 pgs
A05697 PERRY Theopelous Harvey 4th Regt Inf Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A01692 PINNEY John L. Alabama 2nd Regt Mary (Morrill) Escambia 1910 16 pgs
A03519 PINNEY Samuel Leo Alabama Clara (Clifford) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A03401 PIPPIN Edward Alabama Sarah (Adison) Escambiaa 1907 16 pgs
A12299 PITTS Thomas John 15th Conf Cav Roxie (Adkinson) Escambia 1905 17 pgs
A03393 POUR Lewis H. Alabama C. (Robinson) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
Al0283 POWELL Benjamin F. Arty Units Saline (Mi1stead) Escambia 1928 14 pgs
A06283 POWELL Elijah 4th Regt Inf Escambia 1901 09 pgs
A02360 POWELL James Arty Units Jane (Foley) Escambia 1903 22 pgs
A04530 POWELL James R. Alabama Lucinda (Moore) Escambia 1903 15 pgs
A11406 POWELL John Arty Units Mary (Elliott) Escambia 1902 16 pgs
A08280 POWELL John S. Georgia Escambia 1913 11 pgs
A12103 PRATHER James Jackson Georgia Cornelia Ann (--) Escambia 1907 06 pgs
D20424 PRICE B. Frank Tennessee Mary (Wilson) Escambia 1915 08 pgs
A10070 PRICE Joshua Alabama Alma (A1st) Escambia 1929 09 pgs
A10154 PRINGLE Thomas D. 1st Regt Inf Elizabeth (Copeland) Escambia 1906 18 pgs
A03398 QUINN George Washington Alabama Carrie (Harrison) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04924 RATHWELL Richard Alabama Olive (Pritchett) Escambia 1899 14 pgs
A04667 RAY Isaac N. Alabama Mary (Hicks) Escambia 1920 11 pgs
D17782 RAY William Alabama Nancy (Daw) Escambia 1908 20 pgs
A10493 REDMON James Madison Alabama Nancy (Ridley) Escambia 1937 06 pgs
A11053 REED Dixon B. 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A03396 REESE John Lewis Alabama Emma (--) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A03400 REGAN Daniel J. Alabama Serena (Hinson) Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A04109 RENDALL John D. Mississippi Hannah (Morris) Escambia 1908 15 pgs
A11050 REYNOLDS Joseph Henry Alabama Escambia 1904 08 pgs
A10445 RHODES James Alabama Rebecca E. (Harris) Escambia 1908 20 pgs
A12444 RICHARDS John 4th Regt Inf Salatha (--) Escambia 1903 06 pgs
A08821 RICHBURG Benjamin E. Alabama Escambia 1928 04 pgs
A08702 RIERA Albert 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1907 15 pgs
A12035 RIERA Anthony 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A10326 RIGSBY James F. Alabama Drewnetta (Hendrix) Escambia 1907 29 pgs
A02437 ROBERTS Thomas J. 6th Regt Inf Katie (Chandler) Escambia 1905 18 pgs
A03407 ROBINSON Benjamin North Carolina Celia (Myroved) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A12073 ROBINSON Edwin H. Alabama Escambia 1907 11 pgs
D17108 ROBINSON Robert J. Alabama Mary J. (--) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A00836 RUNYAN William B. 1st Regt Inf Clarine (Golay) Escambia 1907 11 Pgs
A03952 RUPERT John Alabama Josephine (DeRioboo) Escambia 1907 12 pgs
A10222 RUTHERFORD George W. 11th Regt Inf Mary (--) Escambia 1931 02 pgs
A03379 SAMPEY Francis Moultrie Alabama Susan (Stallworth) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04075 SANDUSKY George William Missouri Margaret (Pendleton) Escambia 1914 04 pgs
A05400 SCARRITT Mason 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A04750 SCHOLLS James L. Marine Corps Rosa (Jones) Escambia 1921 06 pgs
A03622 SHACKLEFORD Cade E. Alabama Rosa (Gingles) Escambia 1907 13 pgs
A00782 SHARITT George Edward 2nd Regt Cav Margaret (Hayden) Escambia 1906 18 pgs
A11398 SHEPPARD E.R. Indpt Units Margaret (Morgan) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
D10382 SIGARE Gaetano Arty Units Escambia 1907 09 pgs
A03600 SILCOX John Alabama Sarah (Fillman) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A02410 SILCOX William H. 1st Regt Inf Dorotha (--) Escambia 1908 20 pgs
A12235 SIMMONS Benjamin F. 8th Regt Inf Elenora (--) Escambia 1908 06 pgs
A08116 SIMPSON Robert Virginia Escambia 1911 16 pgs
D19742 SMITH Francis Marion Alabama Escambia 1914 10 pgs
A03917 SMITH James T. Georgia Eunice (Crenshaw) Escambia 1907 16 pgs
A04077 SMITH James W. Alabama Emily (Campbell) Escambia 1907 16 pgs
Al0504 SPOON J.E. Alabama Frances (Jernigan) Escambia 1907 22 pgs
A04110 STAPLES Robert A. Alabama Matilda (McClurkin) Escambia 1913 14 pgs
D22220 STEPHENS Benjamin Franklin Alabama Escambia 1922 06 pgs
A04671 STILLEY William Riley Alabama Mary (Kelley) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A00951 STOCKWELL WilliamF. 1st Regt Inf Sarah (Ray) Escambia 1904 21 pgs
A04104 STONE Joseph T. Georgia Victoria (Morton) Escambia 1914 08 pgs
A07667 STRICKLAND J.S. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1904 09 pgs
A03382 STRINGFIELD John T. Alabama Abigail (Hendrix) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A08730 STROZIER John Dawson Georgia Escambia 1925 10 pgs
A12871 STUCKEY Augustus Alabama Escambia 1901 04 pgs
A12594 STURDIVANT Mathew 1st Regt Cav Escambia 1903 12 pgs
A11057 SUAREZ Frank Alabama Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A04566 SUAREZ Thomas F. 15th Conf Cav Henrietta (Entrekin) Escambia 1916 12 pgs
A02940 SUMMERLIN Christopher Columbus Alabama Clara (Cannon) Escambia 1928 09 pgs
A03371 SURGI Alexander L. Louisiana Mary (Rocheblave) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A03615 SUTER Alexander Ross Louisiana Annie (Hopman) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A07752 SUTHERLAND Albert L. Tennessee Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A04876 SWEAT Ezkiel H. Alabama Debba (Bell) Escambia 1888 22 pgs
A04010 TANTON Marion Alabama Mary (Boyett) Escambia 1914 09 pgs
A07663 TATE James M. Alabama Escambia 1907 17 pgs
A11052 TATE Solon Reed Alabama Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A04956 TAYLOR J.L. Louisiana Sarah (Evans) Escambia 1924 07 pgs
D20765 TERRELL Winburn B. Alabama Escambia 1916 11 pgs
A05399 TERRY Francis Napoleon Georgia Escambia 1907 14 pgs
A10017 THOMAS Edward W. Mississippi Kate (--) Escambia 1914 14 pgs
D23638 THOMAS James A. Alabama Escambia 1930 18 pgs
A10274 THOMPSON Benjamin Wade Alabama Alice (Price) Escambia 1932 09 pgs
A04250 THOMPSON Charles V. Tennessee Elizabeth (Waddel) Escambia 1907 18 pgs
A04985 THURMAN Darling Alabama Rachael (Calloway) Escambia 1916 15 pgs
A04428 TOLBERT William K. Alabama Mary (Balkin) Escambia 1917 06 pgs
A01229 TOMPKINS S.Y. 15th Conf Cav Minerva (Williams) Escambia 1904 12 pgs
A04013 TONKIN William F. Virginia Josephine (McCarthy) Escambia 1914 05 pgs
A00720 TOUART Francis 1st Regt Inf Mary (Magee) Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A04479 TOUART Phillip Alabama Lydia (Rogers) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A00712 TOUART William 15th Conf Cav Josephine (Stinson) Escambia 1904 09 pgs
A06286 TRIMMER William H. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1903 10 pgs
A12092 TUCKER William James 5th Bttn Cav Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A12057 TURNER Richard Hill 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A00721 VAUGHN Benjamin Franklin 15th Conf Cav Harriet (Cooper) Escambia 1904 08 pgs
A11410 VAUGHN J.B. 15th Conf Cav Augula (Cooper) Escambia 1904 08 pgs
A11051 VILLAR Augustus 2nd Regt Inf Escambia 1888 14 pgs
D19103 VOCOVICH Alexander L. Georgia Harriet (Box) Escambia 1909 18 pgs
A03383 VUCOVICH John H. Alabama Maria (McCullough) Escambia 1907 19 pgs
A00715 WALKER Augustus T. 15th Conf Cav Laura (Bicker) Escambia 1907 11 pgs
A07677 WALKER John A. 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1907 13 pgs
D21214 WATSON John W. Alabama Escambia 1917 17 pgs
A03373 WEBB John Stephen Alabama Anietta (Tapiola) Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A11058 WELCH Isaac Alabama Escambia 1903 09 pgs
D02317 WELCH Isaac 1st Regt Inf Escambia 1900 04 pgs
D16465 WELCH John B. Alabama Mary (Mothershed) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A02391 WENTWORTH George W. 4th Regt Inf Lorene (Garner) Escambia 1900 18 pgs
A03453 WHITE Henry C. Texas Louisa (Holcombe) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A04377 WHITE Hugh L. Alabama Lydia (Andress) Escambia 1917 13 pgs
A00754 WHITE Kinion W. 6th Regt Inf Alice (Powell) Escambia 1903 09 pgs
A04921 WHITE Lucius Cissero Alabama Mary (Reed) Escambia 1914 14 pgs
A12076 WHITE Robert C. Texas Escambia 1907 08 pgs
A03397 WHITE William Henry Alabama Caroline (Miller) Escambia 1908 12 pgs
A04331 WIGGINS John A. Alabama Eliza (Haskins) Escambia 1908 13 pgs
A11405 WIGHT Harriet J. Alabama Harriett (Stubbs) Escambia 1904 08 pgs
A00722 WILKERSON John Wesley 8th Regt Inf Nancy (Lott) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
A08653 WILLIAMS Charles M. Alabama Escambia 1923 10 pgs
A07658 WILLIAMS Edward B. 15th Conf Cav Escambia 1907 14 pgs
D06456 WILLIAMS James M. 1st Regt Inf Resv Margaret (--) Escambia 1904 04 pgs
A04405 WILLIAMS James Wilson 15th Conf Cav Mary (Miller) Escambia 1916 05 pgs
A03528 WILLIAMS William Alabama Susan (Whitehead) Escambia 1908 15 pgs
A03375 WILLIAMS William T. Alabama Susana (Goram) Escambia 1908 15 pgs
A10093 WILLIAMS Zachariah Taylor Home Guard Dora (Lathram) Escambia 1913 14 pgs
A04649 WILLOUGHBY James Mississippi Purnecy (Hurt) Escambia 1920 07 pgs
A10471 WILLS Charles W. Virginia Sarah (Kelly) Escambia 1911 19 pgs
A03670 WILSON Pallas N. Alabama Lou (Dale) Escambia 1907 22 pgs
D17105 WITT Henry C. Alabama Rebeca (Albert) Escambia 1907 18 pgs
A04957 WITTICH Wilda Leroy Alabama Mary (Roberts) Escambia 1907 26 pgs
D18342 YNIESTRA Brunough Alabama Louisa (Ohighilola) Escambia 1907 10 pgs
A00724 YNIESTRA Gregory D. 1st Regt Inf Josephine (Bobe) Escambia 1906 17 pgs
A03372 YNIESTRA Moses G. Alabama Anna (Gause) Escambia 1908 10 pgs
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