Florida First Coast Pioneer Family Histories

Our Indian brothers and sisters were here over 10,000 years before the white settlers came with their new ways of doing things.  Later in our history, more Indians chose to immigrate here along with the settlers.

Florida has the distinction of being a Territory for a longer duration than any other in the United States.  Many records are available for this reason.  Florida
has had several flags flown above it including Spain, France, and Great Britian .  Each granted land to immigrants.  There are lots of land records and census records during this time.  As you will see, some bought land grants from other settlers.  

A certain number of people had to reside here before statehood could be achieved.  Florida is the most well documented Territory.  We first were a US Territory in 1822, statehood did not come about until 1845.

Terrell Thompson has compiled a massive amount of  history about these 15 families who settled in Eastern Florida.  He has consented to have parts of it recorded here for your enjoyment and edification.  All copyrights remain with Terrell Thompson.  FLGenWeb Archives is proud to be able to present his
work to you.  Thank you Terrell.

The families are those who settled Florida during its days  prior to statehood in 1845 when we became the 27th state. He has a Pioneer Family Tree you can view.  

In his own words:  My name  is Terrell Thompson.   I am working on an online Ancestry  Tree called  "Florida First Coast Pioneer Families" my focus group
is about 15  families that settled on Spanish Land Grants in the period 1790-1820 on the First Coast.  There is one family that settled here before 1790 but a Spanish Land Grant was not available at that time.  One of two families purchased land from another  grantee.   If you are interested in seeing how they grew in Florida and moved over our state, view his site.

Florida First Coast Pioneer Families

        Braddock, John Cutler

        Christopher, Spicer

        Haddock, Zachariah

        Higginbotham, Burroughs

        Houston, John Carroll

        Pickett, John Seymour

        Teran, Francisco Diaz

        Vaughan, John Daniel

        Wingate, Jeremiah

        Wingate, John


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