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Braddock & Lyford Ancestors

While Florida was still a Spanish possession, John David Braddock and his brother, William Braddock, migrated from Glynn County, Ga. to what is now Nassau County and married the Christopher sisters, Martha and Charlotte Ann, both on May 9, 1804. I photocopied pages from an English translation of a Spanish census taken in 1814 that shows the two families, including children, living on Talbot Island.

Going backwards, John David and William were sons of John Cutler Braddock and Lucia Cook. The appelation of "R. S." after his name is not quite accurate. He was not merely a soldier. He was commander of the Georgia Rebel galley, Lee, throughout the Revolutionary War and was so effective against the British on the waterways of SC, GA, and FL that he was named on three of their lists of traitors. He is one of the four mariner ancestors of Braddocks that WOODEN SHIPS - IRON MEN is about and he was involved in too many exploits to mention here. I will mention that he and his galley were involved in the southernmost encounter of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Thomas Creek, which is a short distance south of Nassau River, which divides Nassau and Duval Counties.

John Cutler Braddock was the son of David Cutler Braddock, a mariner of note. DCB was born on Long Island, NY in 1717. In 1740, the rice ship of which he was first mate was captured by the Spanish and taken into St. Augustine. He escaped and made his way to GA. where Gen. Oglethorpe placed him in command of a schooner protecting GA. He sailed it against the Spanish when they attempted to invade St. Simons. William Lyford Sr., commanding a SC naval vessel that had come to Ga's aid in the same encounter, was impressed with DCB and made him commander of a second SC naval vessel. DCB promptly married the boss' daughter, Mary Lyford. John Cutler Braddock was born to them in Beaufort, SC, a lovely little river town. DCB and his father-in-law and his brother-in-law, William Lyford Jr. were involved in many noteworthy exploits as mariners.

Mary Lyford's mother was Elizabeth Spatches, whose father, William Spatches Sr, was president of the Bahamas at one time.

David Cutler Braddock's father was John Braddick, a mariner of Southold, LI. His mother was Mary Cutler of Hingham, MA. Her father, a surgeon, had changed his name from Johannes DeMesmaker to its English equivilent, John Cutler. He had emigrated from Holland. Both Cutler and Braddick had served in Queen Ann's War against the French in Canada. John Cutler's wife was Mary Cowell. one of their descendants was Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the words to THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC.
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John Cutler Braddock was born 03 Oct 1743 in Hilton Head, Beaufort, SC., USA (St. Helena Church Parish Records) and died 16 June 1797 in St Simons Island, Glynn, Ga.USA. According to the Georgia Militia he died between 09 Dec 1793 and 23 Apr 1794 in Glynn Co., GA. USA.  He married Lucia Ann COOK on July 16, 1769 in St. Matthews Parksh, Effingham, GA, USA, daughter of James and Margaret (HAWTHORNE) COOK.  She was born 1750 in Effingham and died in 1835 in Black Hammock Is, Duval, FL, USA



                   i.    JOHN DAVID BRADDOCK, b. 1771, ,Glynn, Georgia, USA; d. 19 Oct 1841, Sand Hill Plantation, Nassau, Florida, USA; m. MARTHA BLUET CHRISTOPHER, 09 May 1804, St Augustine, Johns, Florida, USA; b. 1786, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 06 Dec 1861, Sand Hill Plantation, Nassau, Florida, USA.

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John David Braddock b. abt. 1779, South Carolina, m. 9-May-1804, in St. Augustine and remarried in Fernandina, Nassau Co. Fl, as Catholic, to be eligible for Spanish land grant, Martha Christopher, b. 1786, Big Talbot Island, Duval Co Fl,, (daughter of John Bluet Christopher and Martha Watson) d. 6-Dec-1861, Nassau Co., Fl. John died 19-Oct-1841, Nassau Co., Fl. John David Braddock was a son of John Braddock, RS. In his youth, his parents moved to Glynn County, Georgia, where he grew up into manhood. He went to the Spanish Province of Florida to make his home, a young man at the time, maybe of the age of 25 years or thereabouts, and was married May 9, 1804, to Martha Christopher, born 1780, in present Duval County, Florida, daughter of Spicer Christopher, a native of Maryland and well-to-do resident of Talbot Island, Florida, and his wife Mary Greenwood, native of Georgia. Mr. Braddock's home place and farm was on a 640 acre tract of land in Nassau County, Florida, known as Sand Hill Plantation. A parole gift of this property as made by him to his maiden daughter, Charlotte M. Braddock, before his death, and was confirmed to her by quit-claim deed from the other heirs of December 28, 1866. He died October 19, 1841. His widow died on the old home place, December 6, 1861, in her 82nd year. The son, Spicer C. Braddock, was clerk of the Circuit Court of Nassau County for several years in the 1840's and 1850's.

Ref: "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia", Vol. VII, page 46 and 47. Helen B. Hodges, Callahan, Florida.

Spanish Land Grant 640 acres 'Sand Hill' plantation

John D Braddock wrote a letter to the commission in 1824 asking for their confirmation of 640 acres, part of a larger tract, granted to John D Braddock by the Spanish governor about 1800. The request for confirmation was confirmed in the American State Papers, Vol 4,   p284, Report 4, No 4 in 1825, The land granted is described as "On road from Roses Bluff to mainroad from the St. Johns River to Georgia".  Another confirmation of the grant was made by Antonio Alvarez in 1841.
Source: East Florida Papers, University of Florida

Camden County Deed Abstracts

                    I 145: 27 December 1813.  Deed of negro slave.  John D. Braddock and John Christophers of the estate of Spicer Christopher, grantor of Camden County to Timonthy Hale, grantee, via his attorney Dr. Lemuel Church, of St. Marys, Camden County. For in consideration of $262.50 for slave Rose about 40 years old.  Signed by John D. Braddock and John Christopher. Witnessed by William Mickler.  Recorded by Isaac Crews on 09 February 1814.

                    Source: Camden County Deed Abstracts Compiled by Tara D Fields 2008

Christopher,Ferran baptisms


Baptism: 01 May 1790, Talbot Island, Duval County, Florida

Residence: 1860, Nassau, Florida9



8.  JOHN CUTLER BRADDOCK was born 03 Oct 1743 in Hilton Head, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA, and died 16 Jun 1797 in St Simons Island, Glynn, Georgia, USA.  He married (2) LUCIA ANN COOK 16 Jul 1769 in St Matthews Parish, Effingham, Georgia, USA, daughter of JAMES COOK and MARGARET HAWTHORNE.  She was born 1750 in Effingham, GA, USA, and died 1835 in Black Hammock Is, Duval, FL, USA.



                   i.    WILLIAM HENRY BRADDOCK b. 08 May 1777, , , South Carolina, USA;  d. 05 Feb 1860, Nassau, FL, USA; m. CHARLOTTE ANN BLUET CHRISTOPHER, 09 May 1804, Nassau, Florida, United States; b. 01 Jan 1788, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, United States; d. 01 Jan 1839, Talbot Island, Nassau, Florida, USA



Children of JOHN BRADDOCK and LUCIA COOK are:

                  ii.    JOHN DAVID BRADDOCK, b. 08 May 1777, South Carolina, United States; d. 19 Oct 1841, Sand Hill Plantation, Nassau, Florida, USA; m. MARTHA BLUET CHRISTOPHER, 09 May 1804, St Augustine, Jackson, FL, USA; b. 1786, Big Talbot Island, Duval, FL, USA; d. 06 Dec 1861, Sand Hill Plantation, Nassau, Florida, USA.



Residence: 01 Jun 1840, Nassau, Florida Territory, USA



The Christopher Family




Residence: 1860, Nassau, Florida148


                 iii.    LUCIA BRADDOCK,  b. 1778, , , South Carolina, USA.

                 iv.    MARY ANN BRADDOCK, b. 1780, ,Glynn, Georgia, USA; d. 06 Mar 1816, Spring Bluff Plantation, Camden, Georgia, USA.

                  v.    HESTER ANN BRADDOCK, b. 1785, Nassau, FL, USA; d. 1823, Camden, GA, USA; m. (1) JOHN BLUET CHRISTOPHER; b. 1784, Talbot Island, Nassau, Florida, USA; d. 1834; m. (2) JOHN BLUET CHRISTOPHER, 1805, Effingham, GA, USA; b. 1784, Bigtalbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 1834.



Camden County Deed Abstracts

Christopher,Ferran baptisms


                 vi.    DANIEL BRADDOCK  b. 1790, , Nassau, Florida, USA.

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