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The Christopher Family

courtesy of Florida Spicer Christopher b. 1759, Maryland. Lived on Talbot Is. FL (Spanish name: San Marta ) in 1783, m. Mary Greenwood, b. Georgia, (daughter of William Greenwood and Elizabeth Bryan). Spicer died 10 Jul 1811, Crandall, Nassau Co., FL. As the Florida Braddocks are descended from the two Christopher sisters, Martha and Charlotte, perhaps a little should be said about them. Spicer Christopher of Maryland, son of John and Martha Watson Christopher, married Mary Greenwood, daughter of William and Elizabeth Greenwood of Georgia. He was a wealthy man, owned 1551 acres of land in what is now Nassau County, including all of Talbot Island. He had fine cattle, Pedigreed mares and raised horses. He was a Protestant, but under the Spanish rule, had to swear allegiance to the Spanish monarch and he turned Catholic, as the Braddocks had to do to marry his daughters. He died in 1811 and asked to be buried by the Rites of the Church of England. He left his
wife half of his livestock, 29 slaves, and the right to live on any plantation for life. His son John Bluet got five slaves and the San Cristobal plantation on the St. Johns. William Bluet, five slaves and Point Hazard Plantation. Samuel Spicer, six slaves and the Old Town Homestead on the St. Marys. Lewis, five slaves and the north half of Talbot, called San Carlos. Daughter Elizabeth, who married Houston, the south half of Talbot, called Santa Maria Plantation. Also, their sister Martha Christopher Braddock and Charlotte Christopher Braddock were to receive $3000.00 each in cash. A considerable sum in those days.

Reference: "Braddock Family History" by Helen B. Hodges.

I. John Bluet Christopher b. 1784, Talbot Island, Fl, m. Hester Ann Braddock, b. 1785, Nassau Co., Fl, (daughter of Capt. John Cutler Braddock and Lucia Ann Cook).

Descendants of Spicer Samuel Christopher

Generation No. 1

1.  SPICER SAMUEL CHRISTOPHERwas born 1759 in , , Maryland, USA, and died 10 Jul 1811 in Old Town, Nassau, Florida, USA.  He married MARIA GREENWOOD 1781 in , Duval, Florida, USA.  She was born 1763 in St Johns River, , Florida, USA, and died 12 Feb 1806 in Old Town, Nassau, Florida, USA.

                  Children of SPICER CHRISTOPHER and MARIA GREENWOOD are:

                   i.    WILLIAM GREENWOOD CHRISTOPHER, b. 1782, Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 1815, , Nassau, Florida, USA.  In 1850 He was residing in Duval  Co., Fl.

                  ii.    JOHN BLUET CHRISTOPHER, b. 1784, Big Talbot Island, Duval, FL; d. 1834.

                 iii.    WILLIAM BLUET CHRISTOPHER, b. 1785, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 1815, , , Florida, USA.

                 iv.    MARTHA BLUET CHRISTOPHER, b. 1786, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 06 Dec 1861, Sand Hill Plantation, Nassau, Florida, USA. 1860 resided  in Nassau, Co. Fl

                  v.    SAMUEL SPICER CHRISTOPHER, b. 1791, Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. Apr 1836, , Leon, Florida, USA.

                vi.    LEWIS CHRISTOPHER, b. Mar 1793, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 1860, , , Florida, USA.

                vii.    SPENCER CHRISTOPHER, b. Apr 1795, Talbot Island, Nassau, Florida, USA.  Resided in 1783  in St. Johns Co., Fl.

               viii.    THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, b. 1796, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA.

                  ix.    ISABEL SUSANA CHRISTOPHER, b. 1797, Talbot Is, Duval, Florida, USA; d. 1824, Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA.


Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM BLUET CHRISTOPHER (SPICER SAMUEL) was born 1785 in Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA, and died 1815 in , , Florida, USA.  He married ELIZABETH EDWARDS 26 Apr 1807 in St Augustine, St Johns, Florida, USA, daughter of JOHN EDWARDS and MARY BRADDOCK.  She was born 1791 in Amelia Island, Nassau, Florida, USA, and died 1845 in Lloyd, Jefferson, Florida, USA.    Baptism: 01 May 1790, Talbot Island, Duval County, Florida

Children of WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER and ELIZABETH EDWARDS are:                                                                                                                                                    

                   i.    MARTHA LOUISA CHRISTOPHER, b. 01 Apr 1805, Nassau County, Florida; d. 02 Mar 1833.

                  ii.    MARY ANN CHRISTOPHER, b. 10 Jul 1811, Nassau County, Florida; d. 01 May 1873.

                 iii.    WILLIAM GREENWOOD CHRISTOPHER, b. 1814, Talbot Island, Nassau,                               Florida, USA. 

3.  LEWIS CHRISTOPHER (SPICER SAMUEL1) was born Mar 1793 in Big Talbot Island, Duval, Florida, USA, and died 1860 in , , Florida, USA.  He married UNKNOWN.  He resided in 1850 at St Johns Bar, Duval, Fl                                                  

Baptism, entry 77
Baptised  under name Luis Christopher 2 May 1793 age 4 mos.

(Extract)No. Christopher Baptism paper


                          6.                i.    JAMES LEWIS CHRISTOPHER, b. Talbot Island, , Florida, USA
7.               ii.    J
ANE HARVEY CHRISTOPHER, b. 1824, , Nassau, Florida, USA; d. , , Florida, USA.

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