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The Biography of Zachariah Haddock


Zachariah Haddock was born about 1751 in Pitt, North Carolina the son of John Haddock and Liscom Taylor. He married Amey Hardee, also of Pitt, North Carolina about 1785. His first child, Joseph Haddock and second child, Amey Hardee Haddock were born in North Carolina. His last child, Elizabeth Haddock was born about 1795 in Camden County, Georgia indicating he had moved down to Georgia by then.


The Militia roll for the Troop of Militia Dragoons, commanded by Captain John F. Randolph shows he was in service from March to December of 1793.


         American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796


Muster Roll, Troop of Militia Dragoons, commanded by Captain John F. Randolph, State of Georgia, Camden County, in the service of the United States, March 13 to December 31, 1793.


# 59 Private       Zachariah Haddick

These are some of the papers filed for Zachariah during his lifetime.

Land Grant Receipt- Haddock

Zachariah received a Spanish Land Grant for 200 acres
of land on the St Marys River at a place called “Mills Ferry”

 in 1803.  In 1817 he purchased 600 acres from Jesse Youngblood at a place called Cabbage Swamp on the St. Marys River.

Mills Ferry

Mills Ferry pg. 2 Bailey Deed to Haddock

He died in 1842.  Little is known of the last years of his life, other than he apparently was a successful plantation owner.


His children were :


Joseph Haddock b. 1786 North Carolina d. 1875, Kings Ferry, Nassau Couty, Florida.  Married Mary Elizabeth Higginbotham 1795 – 1870.


Sarah Hardee Haddock b. 1788 North Carolina d. 1872, Nassau County, Florida.  Married Isham Peeples  1779-1870


Elizabeth Haddock b. 1795 Camden County, Georgia d. 1872, Nassau County, Florida.  Married Jessie Long 1790-1856


William Haddock b. 1801 Nassau County d. 1856 unknown.  Married Martha unknown.


Zachariah Haddock b. 1804 Nassau County, Florida d. 1900 Florida.  Married Theresa Colson 1832-1892


Compiled by Terrell Thompson

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