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The Higginbotham Family

Burroughs Higginbotham was born 1759 in Amherst Co. Va. and died in 1816 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, near old Ft. Henry on the St. Marys River, Nassau Co. Fla.  He married about 1790 in Florida to Isabella Donna [Incy] who died after 1826. Tradition states that Isabella was a Seminole Indian. Isabella was thought to be an Indian, but later was recognized as a Spainared or Minorcan.

Burroughs came with other members of his family to Georgia in 1783 and was granted 287 acres of bounty land [for his service in the Revolutionary War] in Washington Co. Georgia.  On 17 May 1784, he received a grant signed by the Governor in council 25 Dec. 1784 of 150 acres in Richmond Co. Ga.  

He went to Florida late in the 1780's and married Isabella Donna [Incy] there.  He lived in Nassau County where he first settled about 1791, then across the St Marys River in Camden Co. Ga. and bought land on Todds Creek.  B.B. Higginbotham, through Zacharias Haddock, 23 Sept. 1802, for 700 acres on St. Marys River at place abandoned by Reding Blunt for himself his wife and nine sons and one slave. Gov. White grants until further allotment is made, 24 Sept 1803.  Thomas Aquilla certifies true copy 15 Mar 1815. George J. F. Clark certifies pat of 500 acres 10 Jan 1816 at Higginbotham's Bluff, part of Burroughs Higginbotham's quota to his widow, Isabella Higginbotham.

Land grand for Higginbotham


Conception dated 24th   September 1803—
Survey          "      22nd    January     1816—

Situated on the River St. Marys at a place called Sandags Bluff.  The 1st  line runs S20º E 64 Chains from a Pine on the bank of the River to another Pine bounded by land of Henry Yonge-2nd  line W, 44 chains to a Pine 3rd  line N 60 chains to a Pine on the bank of the same river which forms the northern boundary  —

I Antonio Alvarez Keeper of the Public Archives of East Florida do hereby Certify the foregoing to be a true and correct extract from the descriptive list of confirmed private land claims formed at this office according to law, for the Surveyor general of Public Lands in thie Territory of Florida
             Witness my hand and Seal of office at the
(seal)      City of St. Augugstine, Territory of Florida               this eleventh day of February A. D. one                   thousand eight hundred and forty five.——

Source: Contributed from estate of Maynard Watkins to The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society with notes by Terrell Thompson.

  *Land grant receipt courtesy of Florida Memory-Spanish Land Grants.                                  

Descendants of Burroughs Higginbotham


Elijah Higginbotham born 1790 Camden County, Georgia – Died 3 June 1868 Duval County, Florida.  Married Anna Teresa Hodges 1813.


Joseph Alexander Higginbotham born 1792 Camden County Georgia –Died 1875 Yulee, Nassau County, FL. Married Mary Ann Pinkham 1811


Mary Elizabeth Higginbotham born 1795 Kings Ferry, Nassau County, FL.  Died 12 Nov 1870, Kings Ferry.  Married Joseph Haddock 1811.


David B Higginbotham born 1796 Camden County, Georgia.  Died 1870, Gainsville, Alachua, FL.  Married Elizabeth Hughes 1813.


Thomas B Higginbotham born 1798 Camden County, Georgia.  Died 1870 Nassau County, FL.  Married Mary Lucretia Lee 1821 Woodbine, Georgia.


John Jackson Higginbotham born 9 July 1801, Georgia – Died 24 February 1869, Nassau County, FL.  Married Eleanor Hagan 1822.


Dorothy Higginbotham born 1802 Nassau County, FL. – Died 1891. Married William Crozier 1822 , Camden, Georgia.


Judith Higginbotham born 1803 – Died abt 1850


James Bruiser Higginbotham born 1805 Georgia.  Died 22 April 1887, Nassau County, FL.  Married Sarah Lowther 1825.


Benjamin Higginbotham born 1812 Florida – died 1880 Florida.  Married Elizabeth Thomas 1839, Florida.[Will]



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