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John Seymour Pickett

Seymour Tract

John Seymour and Maria [Pons] lived in the territory of Mosquitoes, where he was granted the present site in New Smyrna in 1803 by Spanish Governor White.  They lived there for five years until the Indians burned the settlement to the ground.  Though Seymour had bought head rights to Hodquin's plantation, Township 2, Nassau County, Florida in 1804, he settled instead in Duval County, six miles north of what became the City of Jacksonville.  He was given 640 acres at Lains [Lanes} branch which he had settled since 1814 and has been known as Pickettville thereafter.  He fought in the Indian War in 1837 as a private in Captain Waterman's  1st Regiment of Florida Mounted Volunteers, furnished his own arms, mounted his own horsel  He also fought under Captains John Price and Thomas Suarez.

Source: Helen B Hodges, "pioneers of Florida's First Coast" Vol 1 pg 295 compiled by The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society.

The children of Seymour Pickett and Maria Pons were :

John Seymour Pickett b. 1810 Duval County, Florida  d. 1889 Pickettville, Duval County, Florida.  Married Amanda Emma Flinn b. 1819 d. 1890 Pickettville.

Mary Anna Pickett b. 1811 Duval County, Florida d. unknown

 James A Pickett b. 1819 Duval County, Florida d. 1882 Picketville, Duval County, Florida. Married Lucinda Sarah Hagan 1840

 Cornelia Ann Pickett b. 1823 d. 1902, Hillsboro, Florida

 Francis Pickett b. 1828, Pickettville, Duval County, Florida

 Ferdinand Pickett b. 1822, Pickettville, Duval County, Florida

 Compiled by Terrell Thompson

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