Francisco Diaz Teran


 Francisco Diaz Teran was born in 1770 at Valle de Anievas, Montan de Santander, Spain; located near  Reinosa.

June 9, 1789  Sailor Francisco Diaz Teran (Theran) request licence to marry Maria Juana Greenwood [East Florida Papers, Reel 132, Section 69, ID# 48712]  They were married on June 17, 1789.  She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Bryan) GREENWOOD and was born in 1770 also.

Proof of his residency is noted November 5, 1786  Martin de Armassa to Vicente Manuel de Zespedes  

Discussing shortage of meat supplies; disposition of lumber found on beach; separation of Jesse Youngblood from Spanish service and replacement Francisco Teran. Armassa wishes to make a short visit to St. Augustine. [East Florida Papers, Reel 45, Section 32, ID# 25203]

Early 1789, Francisco Diaz Teran is appointed ‘sentry’ on Talbot Island with instruction to ‘burn his house’ if the enemy approaches from Amelia Island.

Francisco and Maria had four children all born Talbot Island, Duval, Fl.  The oldest, Francisco Antonio, was born 10 June 1790 followed by Juan Manuel (Mar 1793); Mary Isabel (22 Oct 1795) and Guillermo Diaz Teran born in 1798.

A copy of the baptism of Maria Isabel taken from the Roman Catholic Records, St. Augustine Parish Baptisms 1784-1792 shows the last name as Feran

22 April 1798 Maria Isabel Faran, Born October 22, 1795. Baptized April 22, 1798. Daughter of Francisco Faran, native of Castilla la vieja, son of Francisco and Maria Quixano, and Maria Susana Greenwood, native of this province, daughter of Guillermo & Isabel Bryan.

A petition was grated to Francisco for 300 acres on Punta del Sur (southpoint) on Amelia Island.

Francisco Diaz Teran – cause unknown  - was maybe in 1797. He was only 27 years old at that time.   By this time Talbot Island was a part of  Nassau County, Florida.  There are no records. But based on an East Florida Paper that mentions his widow, about 1797.  The paper was from Spicer Christopher to the Governor to release Mrs Teran from taxes on corn (remember, Mrs Teran was his sister in-law)

 Maria remarried Feb. 3, 1801 to David Aiken.  They had one child Juan Samuel Aiken born 4 Nov 1800.  She died in 1806 at Crandall, Nassau Co., Florida.
by Terrell Thompson

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