Jeremiah Wingate

1770- abt 1853

Jeremiah Wingate was born in North Carolina abt 1770.  He married Elizabeth Browning of North Carolina  in 1789.  He received a Land Grant for 200 acres on the Nassau River in Spanish East Florida in 1817. An act of congress was passed in 1853 confirming his grant for his heirs, a common practice created to affirm the original land grants of settlers who received their grants from the Spanish Crown. His grant had been confirmed earlier by the “Board of Commissioners” appointed to ascertain claims and titles to land in St. Augustine in 1824.

The children of Jeremiah Wingate and Elizabeth Browning were :


I. John Wingate 1790 – unknown.  He married Rachel abt 1819 in Nassau County, Florida.  They had seven children. Mary Wingate 1820-unknown; Eliza Wingate 1822-1880; Pharaba Wingate 1827-unknown; Hester Wingate 1831-unknown; Sarah Wingate 1833-unknown; Margaret Wingate 1835-unknown and Jeremiah Wingate 1840-unknown.


II.  Isaac Newton Wingate 1798 – 1860 He married Louisanna Tusy Hodge in Nassau County, Florida  in 1821. They had nine children: John Wingate 1832-unknown; William Wingate 1834-unknown; Nathaniel Madison Wingate 1834-1863. He enlisted in the C.S.A. Company A, Florida Infantry Regiment January 12, 1861. Mary Ann Wingate 1838-unknown; Isaac Newton Wingate 1838-1903; Julia Ann Eliza Wingate 1842-1935; Owen Christopher Wingate 1846-1935; Joseph Wingate 1846-1888; Jane E Wingate 1846-1870; William Henry Wingate 1849-1922. He enlisted in the C.S.A 1st Florida Calvary, 1st Regiment..


III.  William Henry Wingate 1805 – 1879.  He married Margaret Chanbers O’Neill in Nassau County, Florida in1829.  They had seven children. Louisa Martha Wingate 1831-1904; Elizabeth Jane Wingate 1831-1883; William Thomas Wingate 1833-1861. He enlisted in the C.S.A. and died in Manassas, Virginia on May 14, 1861. Margaret O’Neill Wingate 1838-1917; Cornelia Melvina Wingate 1841-1915; Emeline Wingate 1844-1906; Henry Browning Wingate 1848-1897.



IV.  Joel Wingate 1806 – 1820


V.  Nathaniel Madison Wingate 1811 – 1863.  He served in the 3rd Florida Infantry in the Civil War.  He married Mary Ann Higginbotham abt 1839 and they had four children. Florida Wingate 1840-unknown; Thomas J Wingate 1844-unknown; Isaac Wingate 1845-1888; Sevia Caroline Wingate 1854-1930.


VI.  Owen Wingate 1812 – 1886.  He married Jane O’Neill and they had 9 children.  Nathaniel Wingate 1830-1872; Owen T Wingate 1834-1861 died in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  He enlisted in the C.S.A. on December 1, 1861 Company F, Florida Infantry, 8th Regiment. Susannah Wingate 1836-1912; James Henry Wingate 1839-1882; John M (A)Wingate 1842-1863. He enlisted in the Florida Infantry, 8th Regiment and died at Gettysburg in 1863. Sarah Ann Wingate 1844-unknown; Margaret Amanda Wingate 1847-1889; Marie Louisa Wingate 1850-1914; Henrietta Wingate 1851-1904


VII. George Wingate 1818 – 1840


VIII.  Thomas Jefferson Wingate 1820 – 1863.  He married Maria Wingate and they had 12 children. Louise Margaret Wingate 1832-1904; Cornelius Wingate 1840-abt 1910. He enlisted in the C.S.A on January 12, 1861 Company F, Florida Infantry, 8th Regiment.

Sarah Elizabeth Wingate 1844-1891; Daniel Wingate 1845-unknown; Joes Browning Wingate 1846-1903; Thomas Jefferson Wingate 1849-1910; William H Wingate 1849-1922;  Mary C Wingate 1850-1945; Elizabeth Wingate 1852-unknown; Lydia Wingate 1854-unknown; Florida Wingate 1856-1945; Nathan Wingate 1858-unknown.


IX  Allen Wingate 1822 –unknown


X.  Elizabeth Wingate 1824 -unknown 

853. Feb. 6, 1853. CHAP. LV.-·An Act for the of the Heirs of Jererniah Wingate. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled?. That the represerntatives of Title of mm. Jeremiah Wingate, deceased, late of Florida, be, and they are hereby, Szgxgisyén confirmed in their title to n. certain tract of land containing four hundred Me tcm1am" and twenty acres, lying on the north side of Naussa River, in the State  of Florida, according to the pits and certificate of survey made by l· George J. F. Clarke, dated the second and twenty-third of December [and the sixth of October, eighteen hundred and eighteen, now of file in the public archives of East Florida, the said tract bein the same confirmed to the said Jeremiah "Wingate during his lifetime on the fifteenth of November, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, by the “Board of Commissioners " appointed to ascertain claims and titles to land in 1824, sh, 164,, Florida, pursuant to the act entitled "An act granting donations to certain actual settlers in the Territory of Florida approved May twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and twenty-four; and that the Commissioner of the General Land Office, upon the presentation of the aforepmu; to said plats and certificate of survey of said tract, issue a patent or patents MM- Howw for the same, which patent shall operate as a relinquishment only on the °P°m°' pai; of the United States. rrxzovmv, February 5, 1853. Feb. 5, 1853. CHAP

 Source: United States Congressional Record 1853 by Wikisource..

Jeremiah-100 acres Plummers Swamp
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