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ANDERSON, Samuel Walter

Transcribed from: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.
II, page 265, 1923.

ANDERSON, SAMUEL WALTER, serving his second term in the Florida State Senate, lives at Greensboro
in Gadsden County. He has for many years been a turpentine operator, has extensive interests
in the naval stores industry, and is also a lumberman and banker.

He is of Scotch-Irish ancestry and was born at Fair Bluff in Columbus County, North Carolina,
December 27, 1879, son of LEVI F. and FANNIE (ANDERSON) ANDERSON. His parents though of the
same family name were not relatives. His father, who was a native of Horry County, South
Carolina, died at Fair Bluff, North Carolina, in 1921. He was a merchant, planter and turpentine
operator, and a member of the Baptist Church.

SAMUEL W. ANDERSON acquired a public school education. At the age of seventeen he started
to make his own way in the world, and his success has been due to the unusual energy with
which he has prosecuted every successive undertaking. His early experience was in the turpentine
industry in Allendale County, South Carolina. He was there a year and two years in Marion
County, Florida, and was with several different firms in Emanuel County and Coffee County,
Georgia. Then, following a course in a business college at Savannah, Georgia, he became an
independent operator on a small scale in 1901 in the turpentine business in Bradford County,
Florida. For two years he was located at Modoc, Emanuel County, Georgia, and until 1907 was
an operator near Palatka in Putnam County, Florida. Mr. ANDERSON has had his home at Greensboro
since 1907. His extensive investments in lands there gave him the raw materials for his
enterprise in the naval stores industry and the operation of saw mills and shingle mills.
Some of the cut over lands he has since sold for agricultural development. In addition to
his lumber and naval stores operations Mr. ANDERSON owns several farms, specializing in the
growing of shade tobacco. Up to 1911 he was engaged in this business in the co-partnership
of Anderson and Company, and since then he has been president of the corporation known as
the Anderson Company. He also has interest in the naval stores industry in Georgia. Mr.
ANDERSON has been president of the Bank of Greensboro since 1920, and in 1921 was president
of the Cooperative Tobacco Company of Gadsden County.

He was active in the old Board of Trade, and during 1921-22 served as vice president of the
Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce. He has been a life long democrat, and in 1917 represented
Gadsden County in the Lower House of the Legislature and in 1918 was elected and in 1922
reelected to the State Senate from the Sixth District. He served four years on the Board of
County Commissioners. During the war he had charge of all the local drives in the Greensboro
District. Mr. ANDERSON seeks his recreation in hunting and fishing. As a citizen he has been
notable for the liberality with which he has given time and money to every constructive movement
in his section.

In 1902, at Modoc, Emanuel County, Georgia, he married Miss FLORRIE B. WALL. Her father, Mr.
M. WALL, for the past fifteen years has been engaged in the grocery business at Greensboro.
Mr. And Mrs. ANDERSON have three children: FLOSSIE, a student in Brenan College at Gainesville,
Georgia; FRED B., attending the Staunton Military Academy at Staunton, Virginia; and HARRY,
in the high school at Greensboro.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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