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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
II, page 191, 1923.

BAUGHMAN, G. NORMAN is president and manager of the G. NORMAN BAUGHMAN Company, owning and
operating at Tampa the largest automobile supply house in the South. Mr. BAUGHMAN founded
this business with a very modest capital, has built it up through his effective methods of
business management, and for a number of years has been regarded as one of Tampa's most
successful business men and certainly one of the city's most public spirited citizens.

He was born at Roseville, Muskingum County, Ohio, November 27, 1880, son of JOHN G. and
ANNA C. (ALLBRIGHT) BAUGHMAN, his father a native of Ohio and his mother of Illinois. His
mother is still living and his father died July 1, 1921.

Oldest of three children, NORMAN BAUGHMAN was educated in the public schools of Roseville,
graduating from high school with the first honors of his class in 1898. From 1898 to 1900
he pursued the electrical engineering course in the Ohio State University at Columbus.
After leaving the University he was assistant foreman for the Erner-Hopkins Company, electrical
contractors, and in the latter part of 1901 he engaged in business for himself as an electrical
contractor and jobber at Richmond, Indiana. In 1903 he returned to Columbus, was in electrical
work there two years and then entered the automobile business.

Mr. BAUGHMAN came to Florida in 1907. For a time he did business as a general contractor at
Clearwater and Sutherland, and as also an orange and grape fruit grower in that section.
After four years there he came to Tampa, October 11, 1911.

The possibilities appealed to Mr. BAUGHMAN of establishing an up-to-date wholesale automobile
supply house. He accepted the opportunity of a purchase at a Sheriff's sale of a small stock
of automobile supplies. The purchase price was $660, and he borrowed part of the money from
a friend. He began his business in a small rented place in one corner of a barbershop in
December, 1911. At first it was known as the American Supply Company, but subsequently the
charter was changed to G. NORMAN BAUGHMAN Company. In twelve years this business has grown
out of its obscure location, through changes to larger quarters several times until it now
occupies a large three-story brick building at Florida Avenue and Jackson Street. In this
building is carried the largest and most complete stock of automobile accessories and garage
equipment in the South. In fact it was the first automobile supply jobbing house in Florida.
The company now operates branch houses in Jacksonville and Miami. Mr. BAUGHMAN some years
ago adopted as his trade mark or slogan "Amesco", a word that stands for America's most
energetic supply company.

Mr. BAUGHMAN is a charter member of the Tampa Rotary Club, is a member of Six Automobile
Associations, local, state and national, is a member of three good roads organizations and
is director and state vice-president of the National Automobile Equipment Association. He
is an interested worker in the Hyde Park Methodist Episcopal Church and Sunday School, is
director of the Y. M. C. A., a governor of the Tampa Board of Trade, and a member of various
social organizations and clubs. He was elected a member of the board which drew up the
municipal charter adopted by the people and under which the city of Tampa is now governed.
He is a member of the City Library Board.

In 1901 Mr. BAUGHMAN married MARY PAULINE DODDS. They have three children, GRACE PAULINE,
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