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BRODIE, Robert

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 91, 1923.

BRODIE, ROBERT. In this country the great lawyer must always be prominent for he is one
of the forces that move and control society. Public confidence has been generally reposed
in the legal profession, for it has been the defender of public rights, the champion of
freedom regulated by law, and the firm support of good government. No political preferment,
no mere place, can add to the power or increase the honor which belongs to the educated
lawyer. There are many representatives of this learned profession, who are honored by and
have been an honor to their calling. Florida has furnished some of the most distinguished
lawyers of the country, men who have risen to high prominence, attaining distinguished
position through marked ability, and not by means of outside influence. They have given
dignity to their profession and exalted the law which they have been engaged in interpreting
and making plain. Without this enlightened class the country's laws could not be upheld and
the lives and property of the people would be at the mercy of the bandits and rogues of
every description. One of the able lawyers in this part of Florida is ROBERT BRODIE of
Tampa, practicing at the Bar of Hillsborough County.

ROBERT BRODIE was born at Edinburgh, Scotland, and is descended from a long line of Brodies
of the ilk, the present chief of the Clan being Brodie of Brodie of Forres Castle, Morayshire,
Scotland. While Mr. BRODIE does not deny his Scottish birth, he is too cosmopolitan to
insist upon thrusting it forward, having no respect for hyphenates of any description and
believing that a citizen of the United States needs no qualification of any kind whatever.
ROBERT BRODIE received his education in Scotland and England, residing for many years in
London, where he first took up the study of Blackstone, but circumstances prevented his
completing his course of study and qualifying to practice. In 1912 Mr. BRODIE came to
Canada, and having been identified with the volunteer forces in the old country, he joined
the Canadian Militia. While serving he qualified as a musketry instructor, and holds a
certificate from the Canadian School of Musketry. Mr. BRODIE was appointed prov-lieutenant
(sic) in the 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, and on the outbreak of the World
war, volunteered for service at the front, but owing to his special knowledge of small arms,
was engaged at the Ross Rifle Factory, Quebec. In 1917 Mr. BRODIE came to the United States,
in the British Government service, as a chief examiner of aeronautical supplies, and was
on duty at Baltimore. While residing there Mr. BRODIE resumed his study of the law, having
decided to remain in the United States. On the cessation of hostilities he came to Tampa,
Florida. After about one year's further law studies he passed the examination held by
the Supreme Court of Florida, received a license to practice, and opened an office in

Mr. BRODIE married, in 1895, ANNIE BUCKLEY MARLAND, of Manchester, England. She took a
prominent part in the women's movement before and after her marriage, being associated
for a number of years with the late Lady Dilke. During the World war, Mrs. BRODIE was
president of the Women's League in the City of Quebec, and upon removing to Baltimore,
was active in Red Cross circles. Since coming to Tampa she has identified herself with
the Woman's Club. Mr. and Mrs. BRODIE have one son, ROY. He served in the World war
for four years, was severely wounded at Vimy Ridge, and after his recovery, became a
member of the Royal Air Force, remaining with this unit, until after the armistice. On
his discharge he came to Tampa and resumed work as a civil engineer. For a time he was
engaged by the Florida State Road Department, and is now associated with JAMES AUSTIN
MORTLAND, consulting and bridge engineer, whose main office is at Tampa. ROY BRODIE
married, in 1920, MARTHA DeMERRITTE GAGE, daughter of Dr. Gage of Providence, Rhode Island.
Mrs. ROY BRODIE is a bacteriologist, and was engaged in that capacity by the Florida
State Board of Health, having charge of the laboratory at Tallahassee until she retired
from state employment.

ROBERT BRODIE is a member of the Florida State Bar Association, is a Mason and belongs
to St. Andrew's Lodge, Quebec, Canada. Although taking an intelligent interest in public
matters, Mr. BRODIE declines to express himself definitely, with reference to the policies
and principles of any political party. He is scholarly, dignified and gentlemanly, and
among those who know him his standing is of the highest, both as an attorney and as a man.
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