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CARTER, Edward F., M.D.

Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. II, page 39, 1923

CARTER, EDWARD F., M.D. The biographer in writing of men whose names
stand high in the records of the medical profession, naturally is attracted
toward those who through character and achievement have outdistanced their
associates, and borne their part in the upbuilding and development of their
home city. Viewed according to this standard Dr. EDWARD F. CARTER, of Tampa,
is worthy of much more than passing mention. Identified with the medical
profession since 1907, he made a name for himself elsewhere in Florida, prior
to his settlement in Tampa in 1920, and since then has justified his reputation
for professional ability of a high order and for the individuality of a
personal character.
Doctor CARTER was born at Atlanta, Georgia, December 11, 1884, a son of
BENJAMIN F. and HATTIE B. (TURNER) CARTER, both natives of Ohio. BENJAMIN F.
CARTER was a railroad man, and was regarded as one of the most trusted
employees of his road. He and his wife had six children of whom Doctor CARTER
is the eldest. The preliminary training of Doctor CARTER was acquired in the
grammar and high schools of his native city, and his professional education in
the Medical College of Atlanta, now Emory University, from which he was
graduated in 1907, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Subsequently Doctor
CARTER took up post-graduate work in advanced medicine and surgery, at the New
York Polyclinic in the winter of 1910-1911, and again in 1912. Immediately
after his graduation he established himself in a general practice at Mulberry,
Polk County, Florida. Not only did he rise rapidly in his profession, but he
also took a very active part in politics, and served as mayor of Mulberry for
two terms. On January 1, 1920, he came to Tampa and since then has been
specializing on diseases of children, in which branch he is particularly
successful, and prepared for it by courses at New Orleans under Doctor Bloom.
A firm believer in the efficacy of concerted action on the part of the medical
men, he has long been a member of the different medical organizations, and is
now a member of the Hillsborough County Medical Society the Florida State
Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He is a Knight Templar
and Shriner, belongs to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the
Knights of Pythias, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Modern
Woodmen of America, and is deservedly popular in all of these fraternities.
In 1908 Doctor CARTER was united in marriage with Miss CLARA LEE WEBB, a
daughter of P. P. WEBB, of Atlanta, Georgia. Doctor and Mrs. CARTER have four
children, namely: ELIZABETH, CATHERINE, EDWARD and SARAH FRANCES. The Carters
are Baptist in their religious belief and profession, and belong to that
denomination. Known over a wide territory, Doctor Carter is recognized as a
man of earnest purpose and deep sincerity. He has always maintained a high
standard of professional ethics, and no man of Tampa has in larger measure the
esteem of his fellows, nor exerts a stronger influence for securing the
advancement of good citizenship or securing a moral uplift. Naturally he is
interested in those measures which pertain to modern progress and material
improvements, and his influence is exerted to secure them. His charities are
many and generous, although the majority never come to light, for he regards
his skill and training as a trust to be used for the betterment and relief of
humanity regardless of remuneration.

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