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CASSELS, James Edwin
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. III, pg. 88

CASSELS, JAMES EDWIN has the character, ability and prestige that mark
him as one of the representative members of the bar of Hillsborough County,
where he is established in the successful practice of his profession at Plant
Mr. CASSELS was born in Alachua County, Florida, on the 24th of January,
1889, and is a son of HENRY and MARY A. (CARLTON) CASSELS, the former a native
of South Carolina, and the latter of Florida, with whose history the family
name has been identified since the pioneer days, the father of Mrs. CASSELS
having been a victim in an early Indian massacre in Florida. The lineage of
JAMES EDWIN CASSELS is traced back to staunch English origin on both the
paternal and maternal sides, and both the Cassels and Carlton families were
founded in America in the Colonial days.
The youngest in a family of five children, JAMES E. CASSELS acquired his
early education largely in the public schools at Plant City, and in 1911 he
was graduated in the law department of John B. Stetson University, at DeLand
this state, besides which he took a course in the law department of the
University of Chicago. He was admitted to the bar of his native state in
June, 1911, and at Plant City he has built up a substantial and representative
law business, with secure status as one of the able members of the bar of this
section of the state.
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