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COLE, Henry H.

Author: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923, Vol. II pg.46

COLE, HENRY H. The law is known to be a stern mistress, demanding of
her devotee’s constant and unremitting attention and leading her followers
through many mazes and intricacies before she grants them success at her
hands. This incessant demand frequently precludes the idea of the successful
lawyer indulging in activities outside of the straight path of his profession,
especially if his vocational duties are of a large and important nature.
However, the training through which he has passed and the development of his
intellectuality which has resulted make the lawyer peculiarly fitted for
public service, and if called upon he can respond with amazing results. Tampa
is the scene of the professional labors of some of the most efficient members
of the legal profession, and many of them are at the very flood-tide of
success, for the development of this section has brought here a number of
youthful aspirants who bring to their work the enthusiasm and zeal not found
in those of middle life. One of these young men is HENRY H. COLE, successful
lawyer and veteran of the World war.
HENRY H. COLE was born at Winterset, Madison County, Iowa, July 9,
1891, a son of CLARENCE A. and BERTHA ELIZABETH (O’NEAL) COLE, natives of Ohio
and Kentucky, respectively, both of whom survive and are living at Lakeland,
Florida, where they located in 1910. The father is a jeweler and merchant,
and a man of prominence in his community. He and his wife had but the one
Growing to manhood, HENRY H. COLE attended the local schools through
the graded and high-school courses, and was graduated from the latter at the
age of seventeen years. He then went to the Staunton Military Academy at
Staunton, Virginia, for one year, following which he matriculated at
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, from which he was graduated with
the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Laws
from the legal department of the same institution. In 1917 he entered the
United States Army for service during the World war, was commissioned captain
in the Three Hundred and Forty-fourth Infantry, Eighty-sixth Division, and was
honorably discharged from the service in 1918. Returning to Chicago,
Illinois, he was admitted to the bar of Illinois immediately thereafter, and
was engaged in active practice in that city until the fall of 1920, when he
came to Tampa. As soon as he was located in this city he took the necessary
examinations and was admitted to practice at the bar of Florida, and opened
his offices at Number 301 Stoval Building, where he is carrying on a general
practice. He is a Knight-Templar, thirty-second-degree and Shriner Mason, and
he belongs to the college fraternities Delta Tau Delta and Phi Alpha Delta.
In 1921 Mr. Cole married MARGARET PERRY, a daughter of FRANK W. PERRY,
of New York. Mr. COLE is a zealous member of the American Legion, and is a
captain in the Reserves and Regimental Adjutant of the Three Hundred and
Twenty-eighth Infantry Regiment. While Mr. COLE’s attention is now fully
occupied with his professional duties, he regards himself as a servant of the
people, and is anxious to do his full duty as a citizen. His life is guided
by high purpose and marked by sincerity. He is an ideal attorney, learned and
profound, and his ability is ever at the service of Tampa, for which he has
already acquired a deep affection, and for whose progress he is most anxious.

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