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COOK, H. M., M.D.

Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. II pg.110 

COOK, M.D., H. M. The medical profession is for mankind, and its
greatest problem is to secure honest and faithful performance of professional
obligation. Whatever may be the line of professional work, the physician
cannot overlook the fact that he and his associates are a body of organized
men laboring for the common good of humanity. Because so many of the eminent
of the world’s physicians and surgeons recognized this, progress is constantly
being made. The discoveries made by one are shared by all for the common good
of humanity, and thus it has been that remedies have been discovered for many
of the diseases once declared incurable. One of the men who has added luster
to his profession, and is properly accounted one of the leaders in it in
Hillsborough County, is Dr. H. M. COOK of Tampa, with offices in the Citrus
Exchange Building.
Dr. COOK was born in Alabama, August 25, 1886, a son of G. W. and
MATILDA (PATE) COOK, both of whom were natives of North Carolina. They are
both living, and reside at Waco, Georgia. They had fourteen children born to
them,. Nine sons and five daughters, thirteen of whom reached maturity and are
still living, and of them all Doctor COOK is the seventh son and eleventh
Growing up in his native state, Doctor COOK attended its public
schools, and completed the high school course at Bowden, Georgia, after which
he became a student of Emory University at Atlanta, Georgia, from which he was
graduated in 1910, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Following that he
had eighteen months of hospital work at Atlanta, and then, in 1912, came to
Tampa and engaged in a general practice and operated an infirmary, the lease
of which expired December 1, 1921. Immediately thereafter he opened the H. M.
Cook Sanitarium, and is conducting it at present in conjunction with his
private practice. This is one of the well-mannered institutions of this part
of the state, and is receiving a large patronage. Doctor COOK is a man well-
fitted for this class of work, and his patients who come to it receive
beneficial effects. Professionally he maintains membership with the
Hillsborough County Medical Society, and fraternally he belongs to Tampa Lodge
No. 708, B. P. O. E.
On June 25, 1914, Doctor COOK was united in marriage with Miss RUTH C.
HOULIHAN, of Lexington, Kentucky, and they have one daughter, RUTH MURRAY
COOK, a dear little girl of four years. Doctor COOK is a man who has ever
lived up to the highest of ideals in his profession, and is now reaping the
just rewards of his ten years of faithful service. Standing high among his
associates, he earnestly strives to prove worthy of the great trust reposed in
his skill and ability, and the success which attends his practice and
sanitarium proves that the confidence he inspires is well merited. Broad in
his sympathies, he has always given liberally to aid worthy charities, and his
support can be depended upon in the furtherance of those measures which he
believes will work out for the ultimate good of the majority. Such men as he
are a valued addition to any calling or community, for they not only
accomplish much good through their own actions, but stimulate others to follow
their example and create a high standard of excellence which must be sustained
to meet popular approval.

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