Swimming in Tampa Bay

 I remember going to the beach- they called it the Causeway- the bridge to St. Petersburg across the Tampa Bay area I think-just a pit stop on the side of the road where a lot of people would go swinning, but one had to wear their shoes to go into the water because of all the blocks of cement in the water, well at low tide one could walk well out into the water- way out- my sister Theresa and I just kept on walking out and we just stood there and looked towards the beach area and could see our dad just waving his arms like a wild man,we just thought it funny, this is until I saw the horrified look on my sisters face, we were about 4 or 5 feet away from each other and she had turned white-well I found out why, just as the fin swam between the 2 of us- now this is when my sister totally freeked,she started going as fast as she could towards the shore,but guess I sorta froze- I remember someone saying one should just stand still and not move and tried to tell my sister this but off she went and the stupid fish just hung out next to me- totally frozen in place until all of a sudden this thing looked out of the water at me and then I knew I would live- it was a dolphin- Thank God- ....Peggy McSwain

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