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BREVARD, Miss Caroline Mays

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 141, 1923.

BREVARD, Miss CAROLINE MAYS. One of Florida's most eminent women, distinguished as an
educator, historian and author, was the late Miss CAROLINE MAYS BREVARD, oldest daughter
of Col. T. W. and MARY (CALL) BREVARD and a sister of Dr. E. M. BREVARD of Tallahassee.
The interesting family record is told in the preceding article. (Ephraim Brevard bio.)

She was born on a plantation formerly owned by her grandfather Gov. R. K. CALL at Tallahassee,
and died March 27, 1920. She was educated in private and state schools and Columbia University,
taught history and English in the Leon High School and for five years prior to her death was
connected with the Florida State College for Women.

All her talents, and they were of the highest quality, she devoted to the service of humanity.
She was one of the best historical scholars and authorities on Florida history. The monument
dedicated to the Confederate veterans for keeping Tallahassee free from invasion by Union
troops was made possible through her writings and influence. She was author of "History of
Florida" used in the public schools, "Florida Supplement to Frye's Higher Geography", "Around
the Light Wood Fire", "Literature of the South". She twice served as division historian for
the Florida division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and for four years was chairman
of the educational committee of the United Daughters. She was a charter member of the Colonial
Dames, a member of the American Historical Association and the Southern Sociological Congress.

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