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BREVARD, Ephraim Mays, M.D.

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 140, 1923.

BREVARD, M.D., EPHRAIM MAYS. A physician and surgeon at Tallahassee for a quarter of a century,
Doctor BREVARD in his career has added something to the many distinctions associated with his
family name and ancestry.

The Brevards were foremost representatives of the French Huguenots people in the early settlement
of North Carolina, and through all the generations the name has been significant of the highest
order of patriotism and civic integrity.

One of the patriots of North Carolina was EPHRAIM BREVARD, who was born about 1750 and died
about 1783. He graduated at Princeton in 1768, studied medicine and practiced at Charlotte,
and was secretary of the famous Mecklenburg Convention of May 31, 1775, and was one of the
drafters of the declaration, adopted more than a year before the formal declaration of independence.
Doctor BREVARD and his six brothers entered the Continental service at the beginning of the
revolution. He was taken prisoner in 1780, and when set at liberty was so broken by disease
incurred during this confinement that he died soon afterward. He was one of the most accomplished
men of his time and exerted a powerful influence in the House of Independence.

A brother of Dr. EPHRAIM BREVARD was Capt. ALEXANDER BREVARD, the direct ancestor of Doctor
BREVARD of Tallahassee. Capt. ALEXANDER BREVARD served as a revolutionary soldier and participated
in several battles, His son Judge THEODORE W. BREVARD, was born in North Carolina, was a planter
in the Richmond district of Virginia and in 1833 removed to Alabama, where practiced law and
served as county judge of Macon County. In 1847 he moved to Leon County, Florida. He served
as comptroller of public accounts from 1855 to 1860, resigning that office and removing to Pensacola,
and when the war broke out he went as a refugee to North Carolina with his slaves. He lost all his
property and died at Cleveland Springs, North Carolina, at the age of seventy.

Col. THEODORE WASHINGTON BREVARD, Jr., father of Doctor BREVARD of Tallahassee, earned his fame
as one of the best lawyers of Florida, and had no peer in the state bar as a logical and a compre-
hensive reasoner. He was born in 1834, and died in Tallahassee at the age of forty-seven. He was
a graduate of the law department of the University of Virginia, and he raised and became captain
of the Leon Rifles, mustered into the Confederate service at Gainesville of Company D. of the
Second Florida Infantry, on July 13, 1862. Later he was transferred to the Eleventh Florida
Infantry, became its colonel and at the battle of Sailor Creek, Virginia, he was captured by
General Custer. For a year he was kept a military prisoner on Johnson's Island, Ohio, and
before being taken prisoner was promoted to Brigadier General, but never received his commission.
He was one of the brilliant soldiers of the war whose service is credited to the State of

At Tallahassee, Colonel BREVARD married Miss MARY CALL, daughter of Gen. RICHARD K. CALL.
Her father fought with Jackson at the battle of New Orleans, and in 1824 settled at Tallahassee,
Florida. His oldest daughter ELLEN CALL was the first white child born in Leon County, her
birth occurring September 9, 1825. RICHARD K. CALL served as territorial Governor from 1836
to 1839 and again from 1841 to 1844. He was a charter member of Jackson Lodge of Masons of
Tallahassee. His wife was MARY KIRKMAN. Mrs. MARY CALL BREVARD died at Tallahassee, March 4,

Her son, EPHRAIM MAYS BREVARD, was born at Tallahassee, April 17, 1871, and was educated in
private schools, in the West Florida Seminary at Tallahassee, and graduated M.D. from the
University of Maryland in 1894. In 1895 he removed to Charlotte, North Carolina, and was
associated in practice with his Uncle Dr. R. J. BREVARD and served as chief surgeon of St.
Peter's Episcopal Hospital. During the Spanish-American War, Doctor BREVARD was commissioned
a Captain in the Medical Corps and served with the Second North Carolina Volunteer Infantry.
At the close of this service in 1898, he returned to Tallahassee, and since then has been
continuously on duty as a general practitioner. He is a member of the State, Southern and
American Medical Association. Doctor BREVARD was physician of the Leon County Draft Board
during the World war. He is a Royal Arch and Knight Templar Mason, an Elk and a member of
St. John's Episcopal Church.

At Charlotte, North Carolina, April 23, 1902, Doctor BREVARD married Miss ELIZABETH CAROLINE
ROBERTSON a native of Winnsboro, South Carolina, and daughter of Gen. THOMAS R. and CORA
JOHNSTON ROBERTSON. Her father is still living, a distinguished North Carolina citizen.
He was a captain of infantry in the Spanish-American war, subsequently served as Adjutant
General of North Carolina, and is an attorney by profession. He has served as postmaster
of Charlotte, and clerk of court of Mecklenburg County. Doctor and Mrs. BREVARD became the
parents of two children: CORA ROBERTSON, who died June 13, 1921, at the age of nine years;

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