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ANDREWS, Daniel Alfred D.D.S.
Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 179, 1923.

ANDREWS, DANIEL ALFRED, D. D. S., is one of the progressive business men contributed to Florida
by the fine old Hoosier state, and he has achieved at Cedar Keys, Florida, a splendid work
in developing the important industrial enterprise of the Standard Manufacturing Company, of
which he is secretary, treasurer and general manager, his brother, Dr. GEORGE N. ANDREWS,
being president of the corporation and both having retired from professional work to give
active supervision to this prosperous and constantly expanding manufacturing business.

Doctor ANDREWS was born in the city of Muncie, Indiana, on the 18th of September, 1877, and
is a son of JOHN E. and HANNAH E. (YINGLING) ANDREWS, the former of whom likewise was born
at Muncie, where he still resides, at the age of seventy-three years (1922), and the latter
had the distinction of being the first white child born in Delaware County, Indiana. Dr.
DANIEL H. and MARY E. (GILBERT) ANDREWS, grandparents of Doctor ANDREWS, removed from the State
of New York to Indiana, where they became pioneer settlers in Delaware County and where they
passed the remainder of their lives. JOHN E. ANDREWS has been engaged in the flour milling
business at Muncie, Indiana, for more than half a century and is one of the honored and
influential citizens of his native city and county, his wife having passed away in 1907, and
their children having been four in number, Doctor ANDREWS of this review, being the second
child. JOHN E. ANDREWS has long been a zealous member of the Universalist Church, as was
also his wife.

After completing his studies in the Muncie High School, Dr. DANIEL A. ANDREWS entered the
dental department of the University of Indiana, in which he was graduated as a member of the
class of 1899 and with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, he having been dependent upon
his own resources in defraying the expenses of his college course. He engaged in the practice
of his profession at Indianapolis, the capital city of his native state, and there built up
a large and representative practice. In the passing years he found opportunity to travel
somewhat extensively, and while making a winter visit to Cedar Keys, Florida, he became
financially interested in the Standard Manufacturing Company. In December, 1910, he retired
from his large and lucrative professional practice in Indianapolis, and established his
permanent residence at Cedar Keys, in order to give his personal supervision to the affairs
of the Standard Manufacturing Company. The concern was one of modest order when he became
interested in the enterprise, and under his vigorous direction new and improved machinery
has been installed in the manufacturing plant, which under his effective management has become
the larger of the two manufactories of the kind in the United States. The company makes
leases of palmetto stumpage, utilizes only the young cabbage-palmetto, from which is derived
the remarkable fibre used by this company in the manufacturing of various types of brooms
and brushes. Doctor ANDREWS has made the business an unqualified success, and devised ways
and means of handling the product and placing the same on the market. In 1913 he invented
and patented what is known as the Donax-whisk, in which is used the palmetto fibre, conceded
to represent the acme of durability in the brush world and having a market value of many
times that of broom corn. The Doctor's inventions in the line include special types of brooms
and brushes for automobiles, hats, etc., as well as a crumb or table brush. The product is
now handled by the largest and most important mercantile houses of the Union, including that
of Marshall Field & Company, of Chicago, and Park & Tilford. In addition to his alliance
with this industrial corporation that is contributing much to the prestige of Cedar Keys and
Levy County, Doctor ANDREWS has been vice president of the Cedar Key State Bank since the
year 1916. In a fundamental way he is a democrat in politics, but in local affairs he supports
men and measures rather than being constrained by partisan lines. He has served several
terms as mayor of Cedar Keys, and has also been a member of the board of county commissioners.
He was the first president of the Cedar Keys Board of Trade and is now (1922) secretary of
the recently organized Chamber of Commerce. He was active in supporting local patriotic movements
incidental to the World war, is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, and he still retains
membership in the University Club at Indianapolis, Indiana.

At Muncie, Indiana, was solemnized the marriage of Doctor ANDREWS to Miss MARGARETTE ROZELLE,
and their one child, HELEN MARJORIE, has the remarkable distinction of being the only girl
born in the ANDREWS family in a period of seventy-
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