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BULLOCK, William Simeon
Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
II, page 319, 1923.

BULLOCK, WILLIAM SIMEON, judge of the Fifth Judicial District, is a son of the late Gen.
ROBERT BULLOCK and for over forty years has been a leading representative of his profession
in Florida.

He was born in Ocala, May, 16, 1856. He was educated in private schools, studied law under
J. O. LYMAN and W. P. HASLEY, and also took the course of lectures at the University of Virginia.
He was admitted to the bar at Ocala in 1879, and at once began practice and for a number of
years was associated with his honored father. In 1882 he was appointed judge of the Criminal
Court of Records, and held that office until it was abolished by the Legislature. His learning
and special gifts brought him many years ago the rank of he ablest lawyers of Florida.

September 2, 1901, he was appointed judge of the Circuit Court of the Fifth District, and by
reelection has been retained on the bench for over twenty years. Since going on the bench
Judge BULLOCK has declined to associate himself with any interests that in any way would
prejudice his mind in the administration of his office, and this has been characteristic of
his high principles and ideals throughout his career both as a lawyer and as a judge.

Judge BULLOCK is a former mayor of Ocala. He has for over twenty years been a deacon of
the Baptist Church, and his favorite recreation is fishing. He married Miss WILLIE ALICE
REDDICK, a native of South Carolina, but reared in Jacksonville, Florida, daughter of SAMUEL
CLARKE REDDICK. Her father was a soldier in the Confederate Army, and for many years was a
mariner living at Cedar Keys when that was an important port. Judge and Mrs. BULLOCK have
five children: LENA, wife of GEORGE R. McKEON, of Tampa; MARIE, wife of C. O. MILLER, of
Tampa; SARAH ALICE, connected with the American Institute of Accountants at New York City;
WILLIAM S. Jr. and JULIAN R., both of whom served abroad with the American Forces in the
great war.
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