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ALLEN, Charles Z.
Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923, Vol. II, page 113.

ALLEN, CHARLES Z. Before coming to Florida in 1910 CHARLES Z. ALLEN was a man of the world
by travel and experience, and his enthusiasm for the Florida country is all the greater for
the fact that he has traveled in nearly every clime on the globe. Mr. ALLEN has been prominent
in the real estate development of the Miami section, and has his business offices and home
in Little River, Florida.

He was born in Bavaria, Germany, and finished his education in Luzerne, Switzerland. His
travels around the world were largely accomplished in the capacity of a steamship steward,
principally on the ships of the Hamburg-American line. Mr. ALLEN has traveled around the
world three times. He came to America to locate permanently about 1907, and for three years
was in the hotel business in New York.

From there he came to Miami in 1910. Since then he has developed several important sub-divisions
surrounding Miami, and his judgment and enterprise are represented in some of the most
prosperous residential and business properties in that vicinity.

Mr. ALLEN in 1920 began operations at he present Town of Little River, four miles north of
Miami, on the Dixie Highway. The tract of land he acquired on this highway is now the heart
of Little River. He gave it the name Dixie Park, subdividing it into building lots. Within
a comparatively short time he had disposed of the property, and much of this is now exceedingly
valuable. He also owns Golden Gate Park at Little River, a high-class residence subdivision.

In the spring of 1922 Mr. Allen gave a lease on his business lot at the corner of Dixie
Highway and Everglades Avenue for banking interests. Soon afterward he erected a handsome
bank building on that corner, the first bank in Little River, of which he is assistant vice
president. Mr. ALLEN personally promoted this bank, which has been the means of bringing
greatly desired facilities to the little city and which has had a share in promoting its
development. Mr. ALLEN's business offices are in the new bank building at Little River and
his home is in Golden Gate Park. He is a member of the Miami Chamber of Commerce and one
of the charter members of the Miami Realty Board.

He married Miss EMILY KUGLER, of Zurich, Switzerland, where she was born and educated. They
have a son, CHARLES FREDERICK ALLEN, born March, 1922.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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