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Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. III pg.41

CHERBINO, JEROME before coming to Southern Florida in 1920, had gained a
wide experience in real estate promotions, and throughout his career has been
accustomed to handling large scale projects. He has the broad views of a
typical Southwesterner, and has been closely associated with prominent
capitalists. Mr. CHERBINO is active head of one of the largest corporations
in Florida handling the sale and development of urban and suburban
properties. His time and energies are completely concentrated on Miami Beach
Mr. CHERBINO was born in Vermont, and was a child when in 1883 his
father, the late Dr. G. W. CHERBINO, moved to Texas and engaged in the cattle
industry around Abilene in the western part of that state. The firm of
Cherbino Brothers has for many years been prominent in the cattle and ranch
industry of Western Texas, and the business is still carried on by the
brothers of JEROME CHERBINO, their headquarters being at San Angelo.
JEROME CHERBINO grew up on a cattle ranch. On reaching manhood he
removed to Chicago, where he was engaged in business, and later went to New
York and for six years was interested in the promotion and building of
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, one of the highest class suburban colonies in the
East. He is still associated with Cherbino Brothers, who own many thousands
of acres of ranching land in Western Texas.
Mr. CHERBINO came to Miami Beach in 1920, and since then has been one of
the most active and enthusiastic promoters of this world famed and rapidly
growing winter resort. As a real estate operator he has centered all his
interests in Miami Beach, believing in the wisdom of concentrated effort. He
handles no properties outside of that resort center. He is president of the
United Companies Realty Corporation, handling Beach properties exclusively.
In the spring of 1922 Mr. CHERBINO took personal charge of the $500,000
development project of WILLIAM F. WHITMAN of Chicago and Miami Beach,
including the development of the Whitman property into a residential section,
with the Spanish atmosphere and the Spanish type of architecture, decoration
and landscaping prevailing throughout. The owner of this ambitious new
development project is WILLIAM F. WHITMAN, a Chicago business man, owner of
one of the largest printing and engraving plants in that city.
Mr. CHERBINO has made himself one of the very public spirited citizens of
Miami Beach. He is a worker for the public welfare, and is an influential
member of the Chamber of Commerce. He married Miss CARRIE M. RULON.

Transcribed by Nancy Rayburn

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