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Source: The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.II   pg.303-4  1923
Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present

CURRY, CHARLES R., manager of one of the largest cigar factories in Key West, learned the cigar making trade when a youth, and is a recognized authority of both the business and manufacturing end of the industry.  His home for the greater part of his life has been at Key West, and he is a member of one of the old families there.

      Mr. CURRY was born at Key West, July 24, 1874.  His grandfather, JOSEPH CURRY, came to Key West when it was a very small village.  His father J.F. CURRY, and his mother, A. SAWYER CURRY, were both born in the Bahama Islands and were children when their parents settled in Key West.  J.F. CURRY took up seafaring, and for many years was captain of a vessel sailing out of Key West.

      CHARLES R. CURRY acquired a good education, beginning in the public schools of Key West, subsequently took the academic course in Emory College at Oxford, Georgia, and still later graduated from Kentucky University at Lexington, Kentucky.  In the meantime he had learned the cigar maker’s trade, and he was an expert in that work before he took up the business side of that industry.  For several years he was connected with some of the leading factors at Key West.  For sixteen months he was an individual bookkeeper, keeping the
individual accounts for the First National Bank of Key West.

      Leaving the bank, he was bookkeeper and cashier from 1899 to 1905 for S. Falk’s Sons, cigar manufacturers.  During the next nine years he was bookkeeper and cashier for Ferdinand Hirsch Company, cigar makers, and in 1914 joined the Cortez Cigar Company, one of the largest manufacturing institutions at Key West.  For six months he was with this house as bookkeeper, and since 1915 has been resident manager of the business.     

On January 29, 1905, at Key West, Mr. CURRY married Miss FANNIE GIVENS, daughter of JOHN and MARY (MALONEY) GIVENS, both natives of Florida and now deceased.  JOHN GIVENS was a captain in the Confederate Army with a Florida regiment, and for a number of years before his death was county clerk of Hillsboro County.  Mr. and Mrs. CURRY have two children, JOHN FREDERICK and RAYMOND GIVENS.  Mr. CURRY was reared a Methodist, but with his family now attends the Episcopal Church.  He is affiliated with the Elks Lodge, and is a past exalted ruler.

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