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BRITT, Morgan C.

Transcribed from: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol.
II, page 214, 1923.

BRITT, MORGAN C. One of the largest individual producers and shippers of lettuce from Florida
is MORGAN C. BRITT of Winter Garden. Mr. BRITT came to Florida and started the trucking
business on a very modest scale, and has been satisfied to build up his industry by steady
and sure methods as his success and experience justified.

Mr. BRITT was born at Stone Mountain, Georgia, March 26, 1887, and was reared in Gwinnette
County, that state. His parents, WILLIS M. and AMMARINTA (MASON) BRITT were also born in
Georgia, and his father has devoted his lifetime to farming and cotton planting. His mother
is now deceased. In the family were six sons and one daughter, four of the sons live in
Florida, one at Sanford and three brothers at Winter Garden.

MORGAN C. BRITT was reared in Georgia, acquired a common school education, and at the age
of twenty married Miss BLANCHE GARNER.

He had little capital when he married, and for two years farmed in Georgia, and in the fall
of 1908 moved to Florida and located at Winter Garden, where he worked for wages. He made
his start in the trucking business with only two acres of land under cultivation. He has
been specializing more and more at the same time he has been extending his land holdings.
His chief crops today are lettuce and cucumbers, and they have 180 acres improved ground,
tiled, drained and irrigated, and his enterprise has proved a notable demonstration of the
productive use to which flat woods land can be put. Mr. BRITT has also made some extensive
plantings of citrus fruit in association with GEORGE T. SMITH. During the season of 1921-22
Mr. BRITT shipped 103 car loads of lettuce to the northern markets. This was all grown on
his land. He handles large shipments of truck crops not only of his own growing, but for

Mr. BRITT is a Mason and a member of the Baptist Church. He and his wife have three children,

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