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COBB, Randolph Howell

Author: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923, Vol. III pg.97

COBB, RANDOLPH HOWELL, a representative younger member of the bar of
Orange County, is established in the successful practice of his profession at
Orlando, the county seat, and his is the distinction of having received the
French Croix de Guerre in recognition of his gallant service with the American
Expeditionary Forces in France in the late World war.
Mr. COBB was born in the attractive and historic little City of
Rahway, Union County, New Jersey, on the 14th of July, 1894, and is the only
child of Rev. RODERICK PROVOST COBB and ANNIE (STEWART) COBB, who now maintain
their home at Orlando, Florida. Rev. RODERICK P. COBB was born in the State
of Pennsylvania, and he has long been a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal
Church, in which he has served with marked ability and consecrated devotion.
He was rector of the Episcopal Church at Rahway, New Jersey, until his only
son, subject of this sketch, was five years old, and for six years thereafter
he was rector of a church at Troy, New York, his pastoral charge for the
following five years having been at Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In 1911 he came
with his family to Orlando, Florida, to assume the office of principal of the
Cathedral School for Girls, in connection with the local cathedral of the
Diocese of Florida. He retained this office ten years, and has since lived
retired, a revered and loved citizen of Orlando.
RANDOLPH H. COBB acquired his preparatory education by attending the
Yeates School at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and for two years thereafter he was
a student in the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee. In 1917 he
graduated from the law department of the University of Florida, his reception
of the degree of Bachelor of Laws having been virtually coincident with his
admission to the bar of this state. Shortly after his graduation the nation
became involved in the World war, and the young barrister promptly
subordinated professional ambition to tender his service to his country. He
volunteered for service of the United States Army, receiving preliminary
training at Allentown, Pennsylvania, and on the 25th of December, 1917, he
sailed with his command for France. He was with the American Expeditionary
Forces in overseas service for a period of seventeen and one-half months,
lived up to the full tension of the great conflict, and after the armistice
brought the war to a close he remained in France until June, 1919, on the 2nd
of which month he arrived once more in his native land, his honorable
discharge having been received at Camp Jackson on the 15th of December, 1919.
In his service abroad Mr. COBB was with the Twenty-eighth Division of
Chasseurs Alpine in Alsace and Belgium; with the Fourteenth Colonial Corps
d’Armee on the Champagne front; with the Ninety-first and after with the First
Division of the American Expeditionary Forces, with which he took part in the
Argonne-Meuse offensive; with the Sixty-second French Division; with the
Ardennes offensive movements until the signing of the historic armistice. He
received the Croix de Guerre from the French general in command of the Twenty-
eighth Division in the Mount Kemmel defense. He perpetuates the more gracious
memories and associations of his military career through the medium of his
appreciative affiliation with the American Legion.
Upon returning to his home at Orlando Mr. COBB here established
himself in the practice of his profession, in which his success is fully
justifying his choice of vocation. He is aligned loyally in the ranks of the
democratic party, and is a communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
His law office is established in the McElroy building.

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