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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 77, 1923.

ANDERSEN, ANDERS S. Going to sea when a boy, ANDERS S. ANDERSEN for years enjoyed the rough
life of a sailor, until an accident of fortune or misfortune wrecked him on the shores of
Florida and turned his energies into a new channel. Since then he has been identified with
the dredging industry, and is now one of the leading dredging contractors along the East
Coast, being president of the Andersen Dredging Company of West Palm Beach.

Mr. ANDERSEN was born near Kolding, Denmark, in 1890. He went to sea at the age of fourteen.
From that time he was dependent upon his own efforts for his living. His first trip was on
a sailing vessel to Greenland. For about a year following he was a sailor in the North Sea
and the Baltic. This was followed by a service with the Hamburg-American Line between Hamburg
and New York. His last years on the deep sea were spent in the South American service on
square-riggers, sailing from the port of New York. While on one of the voyages in the Gulf
of Mexico he was wrecked, and was landed at Pensacola. This gave him his first knowledge
of Florida. He was wrecked in 1906, but in the early part of 1907 he again tried the sea,
shipping out of Pensacola on a Norwegian square-rigger bound for South America with a cargo
of lumber. This boat was wrecked off the Florida seas and landed at Key West. That ended
the chapter of his experiences as a sailor, and from that time he has been a resident of

At Key West he found employment in the dredging service with HOWARD TRUMBO, well known as
the builder of Trumbo Island and the prominent dredging and filling contractor on various
projects in Cuba. His first experience at Key West was in the filling of the terminals for
the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway, and following that he went with
the Trumbo organization to Cuba on a large dredging project for the Spanish-American Iron

On returning to Florida in 1910 Mr. ANDERSEN utilized his experience to engage in business
in the employ of Mr. TRUMBO as Captain at West Palm Beach, and his first important work here
was for the filling of Royal Palm Park and Floral Park at Palm Beach. He handled also the
dredging, piling, filling and sea-wall construction work for a number of the great estates
at Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. His facilities have also been employed by the municipalities
of Palm Beach, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, and he has completed some large contracts of
excavation in the building of drainage canals, locks and other works in Palm Beach County
and vicinity.

In 1922 his business was incorporated as the Andersen Dredging Company, Inc., of which he
is president and active manager. At the present writing the company has the contract for
the excavation and building of locks for the St. Lucie Canal west of Stuart in Palm Beach
County, and also the contract for the dredging of the Lake Worth Inlet for the Inlet Commission
of Palm Beach County. This latter project is designed to provide a harbor for West Palm Beach
of sufficient depth to make this a real seaport and bring about a reduction of freight rates
which will add a tremendous asset to the growing commercial importance of the city and its
surrounding territory. The Andersen Dredging Company, Inc., has a large and extensive equipment
of dredge boats and drilling boats, equipped with hydraulic and other machinery for efficient
work. The company maintains a large pay roll and is one of the largest organizations in
West Palm Beach employing labor.

Mr. ANDERSEN is a popular member of the community of West Palm Beach. He is a York and Scottish
Rite Mason and Shriner. His beautiful home is known as the Billows, and is located at Palm
Beach. He married SELMA BORGESON, a native of Sweden, and they have a daughter and a son,
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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