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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 75, 1923.

BARTHOLOMEW, HARVEY C. A resident of Palm Beach since 1910, Mr. BARTHOLOMEW is an architect
and builder whose creative work has found expression in some of the finest homes of this
famous winter resort.

Mr. BARTHOLOMEW was born in Chicago, in 1887. As a boy he manifested special talent for
drawing, and his education was directed in a way to train this talent. He attended the
Chicago Normal School, the Chicago Manual Training School and the Drexel Institute in
Philadelphia. After completing his education he became a teacher and supervisor of manual
training. For ten years he was engaged in this professional work at Pittsburgh, where the
manual training department has reached its highest efficiency as an adjunct of the public
school system. After serving for several years as a teacher of manual and industrial
training in the manual training department, he was promoted to supervisor of the Colfax
District of the Pittsburgh schools. The interests of teaching made a strong claim upon
his ambition, and he retired from the work only to provide for himself and family a better
future than could be secured in the teaching profession.

A well qualified architect, Mr. BARTHOLOMEW located at Palm Beach in 1910. Since then he
has been accorded a growing volume of business as an architect and as a building contractor.
A large part of his business has been designing and constructing residences for the wealthy
class of people who make Palm Beach their winter home. All of his designs are distinctive,
and the architectural expert can trace his individual styles in many of the homes of this
winter resort. His style has been developed as a result of a practical study of local
problems, with a special reference to climate and the sub-tropical surroundings. A feature
of construction that he has developed and may in fact be said to be his trade mark as a
builder, is the rolled-eave roof, utilizing a composition shingle in a very attractive way
by rolling the eaves. This feature has largely been copied by other designers.

From a long list of modern homes of which Mr. BARTHOLOMEW has been architect of in Palm
Beach, a few may be mentioned: The Glidden residence, and the residences of CHARLES LAMBERT,
business has been in his home city, Palm Beach, he has also erected both residence and
business buildings in West Palm Beach. Mr. BARTHOLOMEW married Miss CAROLYN JACOBSEN of
Chicago. They have twin daughters, HELEN LOUISE and MAURITA CAROLYN.

Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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