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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
II, page 204, 1923.

BARTO, E. H., of West Palm Beach, is a contractor, designer and builder of long experience,
involving a technical knowledge of nearly all important branches of the building phase.
Mr. BARTO has carried out a very unusual and successful program of work since coming to West
Palm Beach.

He was born in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and both of his parents were members of
families that were established in that old county prior to the Revolutionary War. The
family is still well known in the county. E. H. BARTO represents a family of builders,
practical men who learned trades in their youth. He himself acquired an expert knowledge
of the trades of carpenter and bricklayer, and after leaving home he located at Fostoria,
Ohio, where he had his first experience as a builder. Several years later he removed to
the far Northwest, and for some time was engaged in building construction at Great Falls,
Montana, and in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.

It was early in 1920 when Mr. BARTO established himself at West Palm Beach. The unusual
attractions of the city, its climate, as well as its material facilities, caused him to
decide to make his permanent home here. He at once began taking contracts for construction
of buildings, and has been continuously busy, adding to his organization and facilities
constantly. In a little more than two years there has been credited to him an imposing
list of buildings. Among these might be mentioned the brick plant of the Kelsey City Brick
and Supply Company, costing $154,000; the laboratory of the State Board of Health at West
Palm Beach, built at a cost of $40,000: the city jail at West Palm Beach; the public school
building at Canal Point in Palm Beach County.

In the spring of 1922 Mr. BARTO completed a fine modern residence for his own home located
on Vallette Street and Carlberg Court, in the south section of the city. It is a home of
two stories, built in the substantial manner of northern homes, of brick veneer construction,
commodious and with facilities and arrangements providing for perfect ventilation, plumbing
and water heating, bath rooms on both floors, and is a home that proves a distinct addition
to the south side of the city.

Mr. BARTO is a member of the West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and takes an active interest
in all civic movements. He married Miss FLOSSIE DEITER, a native of Ohio. Their interesting
family of six children consists of CHARLES I., DONALD A., CLAYTON, TREVLYN, VALERA and BEULAH.
The three sons are all associated with their father in business. They have acquired a
practical education, all of them serving apprenticeships at carpentering and bricklaying.
Thus the business is practically a family organization, and with father and three sons all
entering actively into the different braches of the work it is not surprising that they have
accomplished so much and of so substantial a nature.

Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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