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BENDER, Joseph E.

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 61, 1923.

BENDER, JOSEPH E. A successful business man in the North for many years, JOSEPH E. BENDER
came to South Florida largely for rest and recreation, but soon became attracted by the
unusual opportunities at West Palm Beach and is now a fixture and an enterprising factor in
the business life of that city, where he is president of the Anarctic (sic) Ice Company.

Mr. BENDER is a native of Starke County, Indiana, grew up on a farm, had a country school
education, and left the farm when still a boy to get into the practical details of business.
At the age of seventeen he located at Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana, and was engaged
in the meat business there, later in the laundry business at Cambridge in the same county,
and for eleven years was handling a profitable business at Richmond, Indiana. At Richmond
he had control of the ice cream products of the Wayne Ice Company, distributing this under
his individual organization, known as the Bender Ice Cream Company. Thus he had an extensive
experience in various branches of refrigeration before he came to South Florida.

Mr. BENDER has lived at West Palm Beach since early in 1920. His visit was lengthened into
a prolonged stay which he now regards as permanent. After a time he organized the Anarctic
Ice Company, of which he is president and general manager. The splendid plant of this company
was built under his personal supervision and began operations with its first output of ice
early in January, 1922. The plant has a capacity of eighty tons per day, the ice being
manufactured by the raw water system, the system most approved by experts in the ice industry.
The machinery and equipment are the most modern to be had, and represent the last word in
ice manufacture. The water supply is secured from a well on the premises sixty-eight feet
deep, the water being in eight feet of solid rock, and by analysis of competent chemists
is pronounced to be of the highest standard of purity. The pump can raise 250 gallons of
water per minute from this well. The building is of modern concrete construction, and all
the electricity for power is produced by Fairbanks-Morse oil-burning engines. Besides the
ice plant the company operates a storage plant, leased to the Evansville Packing Company
for meat storage.

Mr. BENDER is a popular member of the West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. He married Miss
EVA GUYTON, of Wayne County, Indiana, and they have one son, RAYMOND CECIL BENDER.
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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