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CARMICHAEL, Murray Dubois

Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. II, page 214, 1923.

CARMICHAEL, MURRAY DUBOIS. The steadfast ambition and energy that enabled
him to earn his way through college and university and acquire the highest
possible education for a lawyer have subsequently earned for Mr. CARMICHAEL a
place of leadership in the Florida bar and also in the public life and affairs
of his home county of Palm Beach.
Mr. CARMICHAEL, who was the former mayor of West Palm Beach and now
represents the county in the Legislature, was born in Union County, Indiana,
June 23, 1885. He was reared on a farm, and contrived to convert limited
advantages into opportunities for an extensive educational preparation. For
eight years he walked a distance of three miles to attend country school.
Later he competed the course and graduated, May 23, 1903, from the Union High
School at College Corner, Ohio. On September 13, 1903, he enrolled as a
student in the University of Indiana at Bloomington. He graduated A.B. in
1907, and received his Bachelor of Laws degree there in June, 1908. While at
Bloomington he worked in a restaurant and subsequently became part owner, and
from this business made the money not only for his course at Indiana
University, but for his post-graduate work in the University of Chicago. He is
one of the few lawyers in Florida who hold the degree, Doctor of Jurisprudence,
which was awarded him by the University of Chicago September 3, 1909. While at
Chicago he made an income there playing cornet in an orchestra.
On coming to Florida in October, 1909, Mr. CARMICHAEL practiced law at
Tampa until April 1, 1910, since which date his home has been at West Palm
Beach. Until 1913 he was associated as law partner with GEORGE GRAHAM CURRIE.
Since then he has practiced as an individual, and has handled a large volume of
important general practice in the various courts of Florida and the Federal
Courts, and in addition to private practice he has for several years been local
counsel for the Florida East Coast Railway. He has also acquired some valuable
investments, and is owner of business and residence property in the heart of
West Palm Beach.
After getting a well established law practice Mr. CARMICHAEL accepted the
opportunity to get into public affairs for such influence as he could exercise
in behalf of good government and not for his personal benefit. He was elected
mayor of West Palm Beach in 1914, and was re-elected in 1915. In the spring of
1921 he was again elected mayor, his third term expiring April 26, 1922. He
gave the city a vigorous and efficient administration of its municipal affairs.
While still mayor he was elected on the regular democratic ticket in
November, 1920, as Palm Beach County’s representative in the Legislature. He
served in the session of 1921, and in the primaries of June, 1922, was again
accorded the democratic nomination, which insures his re-election. During the
session of 1921 he was chairman of the committee on judiciary, and among other
committee assignments he was a member of the reapportionment, the canals and
drainage, and the rules committees. Two features of legislation characterizing
that session in which he was a prominent leader were the Riparian Rights act
and the Reapportionment act.
Mr. CARMICHAEL is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He married LILY
MAY CLEVELAND, of Deland, Florida. Her father, WALTER STRONG CLEVELAND, was a
pioneer settler and for many years prominent in the affairs of that city. The
three children of Mr. and Mrs. CARMICHAEL are: IMOGENE, MURRAY DuBOIS, Jr.,
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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