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Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. III pg.84

Chillingworth, Hon. Curtis E. photo CHILLINGWORTH, Hon. CURTIS E. One of the most distinctive features of
public life at present is the extreme youth of the men occupying the most
important offices, and yet this is logical and proper, for the ones so honored
by popular vote are, without exception, those who served during the World war,
and are regarded by their fellow citizens as entitled to particular notice. A
man patriotic enough to fight for the preservation of his country’s honor
should receive every consideration at the hands of those benefiting from his
action, and to the credit of the American people they have always returned
their country’s heroes to office following the termination of each war.
Florida is no exception to this almost general rule, and each section of the
state is rendering to its returned service men public honors, and finding
their choice a wise one, for these young men have been taught discipline, self-
sacrifice and service, and are setting an example for the older generation to
profit by and emulate. One of these veterans above mentioned who is a
prominent figure in the affairs of Palm Beach County is Judge CURTIS E.
CHILLINGWORTH, County Judge of Palm Beach County, candidate on the democratic
ticket for circuit judge, and member of the dependable legal firm of C. C. &
C. E. CHILLINGWORTH, of which his father is the head.
Judge CHILLINGWORTH was born at West Palm Beach, where he still maintains
his residence, in 1896. He is a son of CHARLES C. and JENNIE (DIETZ)
CHILLINGWORTH. CHARLES C. CHILLINGWORTH has been for years one of the leading
attorneys of West Palm Beach, where he has resided since 1893, having come
here long prior to the development of the railroad junction into the present modern and wide-awake city,
one of the most flourishing on the Florida East Coast. He is a man of the highest standing, both at
the bar and as a citizen. With his son’s admission to the bar CHARLES C. CHILLINGWORTH took
him into partnership, and the two form a very strong legal combination, and are connected with
some very important jurisprudence.
Judge CHILLINGWORTH graduated from the University of Florida in 1917, and was admitted to
the bar that same year. During the country’s participation in the World war he served in the
regular United States Navy as an ensign on duty on the U.S.S. Minneapolis, which was engaged in
convoy duty with the troop transport service. He received naval training at the United States
Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, in a naval class instructed by a commission of regular
naval officers. The date of his enlistment was in the summer of 1917,and that of his discharge,
Guly, 1919.
Returning to West Palm Beach, Judge CHILLINGWORTH resumed his practice of the law. In the
regular November election of 1920 he was elected county judge of Palm Beach County, assuming
the duties of that office January 1, 1921. In this office he has not only civil cases, but a
large number of criminal ones as well, and the usual Probate Court and Juvenile Court work.
In the spring of 1922 Judge CHILLINGWORTH announced his candidacy for the democratic
nomination for the office of circuit judge of the fifteenth Judicial Circuit, composed of
the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, Okeechobee and Saint Lucie, and he received the
nomination by almost a majority over three other candidates. His candidacy received the
endorsement and recommendation of the Palm Beach County Bar Association. In speaking of his
action in coming before the people for the nomination Judge CHILLINGWORTH said in part:
“Having been recommended and endorsed by the Palm Beach Count Bar
Association, I am announcing my candidacy for the office of circuit judge. I
believe, and it seems the most of the lawyers also believe, that matters
before the court can be handled with greater dispatch and more justice to all
parties if the business of the court could be conducted as has been the
business of the County Court of Palm Beach County since my term of office. I
am no politician and know nothing of politics, although I am, always have been
and will continue to be, a democrat.”
Judge CHILLINGWORTH is a well-known figure in his native and surrounding
counties. He is a member of the American Legion, and is a Mason, a Shriner,
an Elk, and belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the Palm
Beach County Bar Association, the Florida State Bar Association and the
American Bar Association. Although still a young man, Judge CHILLINGWORTH is
eminently fitted for the responsibilities and honors of the bench, for he
possesses the judicial mind and is able to weigh impartially and judge fairly,
and his decisions are marvels of conciseness, clearness and sound law.
Personally he is very popular with all classes, and has formed especially
strong friendships with other members of his profession in this part of the

Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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