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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
II, page 13, 1923.

APPLEY, J. W. In every community and in each branch of industrial activity there are certain
men who stand out from their associates because of their purposeful personality and determined
methods of action. Such men are bound to dominate any situation and control whatever opportunities
lie in their onward progress. Through them and their efforts spring the vast enterprises
that have so direct an influence on the prosperity of the country. Because of the establishment
and maintenance of these institutions, producers are able to obtain a fair price for their
products and consumers are given the advantages accruing from concerted action and efficient
management. These conditions would never have become possible had it not been for the working
of masterful minds and the application of modern business methods. To old ideas, also, are
added the results of years of careful study and experiments of scientists, practical business
men and efficiency experts, so that each day sees an advance made in management with a consequent
betterment for all parties. One of the men who has risen to a commanding position in his
chosen calling, and has had a correspondingly important effect upon his community, is J.W.
APPLEY of St. Petersburg, president of the Marine Ways and Means Company.

J. W. APPLEY was born at Hartford, Connecticut, August 9, 1881, a son of WILLIAM L. and KATE
(McALLISTER) APPLEY, the former of whom was born at Canterbury, Connecticut, and the latter
at Glasgow, Scotland, and J. W. APPLEY is the second child born to his parents. He grew up
at Brooklyn, New York, which city became the family place of residence when he was a child,
and he received the educational advantages offered by its public schools. Subsequently he
attended Pratt's Institute from which he was graduated in 1899 as a mechanical engineer.
Following his graduation Mr. APPLEY enlisted in the United States Army and served in it as
an engineer for five years. After receiving his honorable discharge he became a master mechanic
for the Sultan Motor Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, and continued with it until the
conclusion of the war, during which period he was connected with the manufacture of motorboats,
and in this way rendered his war service where it was most needed. In the late fall of 1918
he came to Saint Petersburg, where he has since been in business. In 1921 his business was
incorporated, with him as president, and he has the largest and best equipped machine shop
in the entire State of Florida. Employment is given to about twenty-five men, and the territory
covered extends all over Florida. He is a man of keen vision and good judgment and estimates
at its true value the future of St. Petersburg.

In 1915 Mr. APPLEY was married to LUCY M. MAN of Prince Edwards Island, Canada, and they
have one son, JAMES EDWIN. Mr. APPLEY is one of the governors of the St. Petersburg Chamber
of Commerce. He belongs to Washington Lodge, No. 81, A.F. and A.M., and the Mystic Shrine,
A.A.O.N.M.S. of the Masonic fraternity, and to St. Petersburg Lodge No. 1224, B.P.O.E. In
him the Presbyterian church has an earnest member and faithful deacon. The record of Mr.
APPLEY's life proves what a man can accomplish provided he has the natural ability and the
willingness to develop his talents along the lines for which he has an aptitude. Those
ssociated with him acknowledge and rely on his experience and good judgment and express their
full confidence in him, and give him an unqualified support in what he desires to accomplish.
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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