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BOUTON, Fletcher Park

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 16, 1923.

BOUTON, FLETCHER PARK. The many advantages of the Sunshine City awaken the enthusiasm and
urge to the utmost those handling its realty, for there is no question but that an investment
made here will yield, within a short time, a handsome return for the confidences thus displayed.
For this, and other cogent reasons, some of the most alert men, many of them from more northern
climes, have become permanent residents of St. Petersburg, and are devoting themselves to the
real estate business with satisfactory results both to themselves and to the community which
is being admirably developed through their resourcefulness and convincing actions. One of
these progressive realtors, whose operations are conducted upon an extensive scale, is FLETCHER
PARK BOUTON, of the firm of Bouton & Cermah, 519 Central Avenue.

Mr. BOUTON was born in New Hampshire, June 13, 1888, a son of T. C. H. and ANNIE S. (WHITEHOUSE)
BOUTON, natives of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, respectively. Both survive and are now
living at St. Petersburg. They have but the one child. Mr. BOUTON attended the public schools
of his native state, and Cushing Academy of Ashburham, Massachusetts, and left the latter in
1908. Subsequently he went to New York City, and still later to Boston, in both cities having
considerable experience in the real estate business. It was while he was working in the
latter city that his interest was aroused in St. Petersburg, and in 1915 he located here
permanently, entering at once into his present undertaking. His previous training and natural
qualifications have been of great value to him, and his business has been a successful one
from the start, while his value to his community is ever on the increase. He is one of the
progressives in his line, and never considers any effort too great which has for its object
the further development of the city or county.

In 1910 Mr. BOUTON was married to ELIZABETH McKEON, of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, and they
have one daughter, ANNIE J. Mr. BOUTON belongs to the Country, Yacht and Sportsmen clubs
of his locality, and takes a prominent part in all of them. It is such men as Mr. BOUTON
who have interested not only outsiders in the present and future of St. Petersburg, but
the residents themselves, arousing in them the helpful local pride so necessary for a proper
expansion, and judged alone by what he has accomplished in this way, Mr. BOUTON's work here
has been of great value.
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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