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Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. III, page 99, 1923.

Carr, C. C. photo CARR, C. C. The power of the Fourth Estate is felt not only in politics,
but in every department of civic life. There are many people whose time is so
occupied, or whose inclinations are such, that the newspaper supplies them with
all their reading matter, and from it is gained their attitude, not upon public
matters alone, but their ideas with reference to all current affairs.
Therefore it is of prime importance that those who shape the policies and
control the destinies of the journals of the different localities be men of
high character and broad outlook on life; men able to rise above petty
bickering and deal with the problems of life in a whole-souled and capable
manner. Such a man beyond and question is C. C. CARR, part owner and active
manager of the St. Petersburg Times, the leading newspaper of Pinellas County.
C. C. CARR was born in Indiana, which has produced some of the leading
journalists and literary men of this age, and he attended the grammar and high
schools, and the University of Indiana, from which he was graduated in 1909.
In the intervals of attending school Mr. CARR began learning the newspaper
business, and rose, through honest effort, and natural capability, from the
mailing galley to a reporter’s position. Like GEORGE ADE and other newspaper
men of note, he gained a purposeful and useful experience in the newspaper
field at Chicago, and for a time was connected in a reportorial capacity with
the Chicago Inter Ocean. Mr. CARR also ventured into the educational field,
following his graduation from the university, and then, attracted by the lure
of the tropics and love of adventure inherent in the breast of every normal
young man, he went to the Canal Zone, where for four years he was in the employ
of the United States Government as a member of its civil administration staff.
As such he rendered signal service as head of the system of high schools in the
zone. It was while in the zone that he wrote “The Story of Panama,” which is
unusually interesting for what he wrote about he knew from personal
experience. This book was issued in 1912 by the Silver-Burdett Company, and
met with a gratifying reception by the public.
With the canal completed, Mr. CARR’s connection with the government
service terminated, and he returned to the United States, and resumed the work
for which he had always felt he was best fitted. Until 1914 he and PAUL
POYNTER owned and issued the Daily Times of Sullivan, Indiana, but it was not
until he came, in that year, to St. Petersburg that Mr. CARR was given the
opportunity to show his mettle, or demonstrate what a very capable man he
really is. Since he took charge of the Times that journal has shown an
astounding growth, and he and his associates have made it metropolitan in
character and scope. The plant is housed in a modern three-story building,
equipped with every facility for printing a paper that is a credit to Saint
Petersburg and Pinellas County.
Mr. CARR is a splendid newspaper man, but he is more, he is a good
citizen, and is just as zealous in the discharge of his civic duties as he is
in those pertaining to his business. His conception of the former include his
service as one of the vice presidents of the St. Petersburg Chamber of
Commerce, as president of the Rotary Club, and as chairman of the County School
Board. In the latter capacity his work has been especially effective during a
period when many difficult problems have confronted the board. Mr. CARR is
particularly interested in educational matters, which he is able to handle in a
professional way owning to his experience in the schoolroom, and he is
determined to put the schools of his city in the front rank in efficiency and
scholarship, in spite of the financial difficulties which present themselves.
Such men as Mr. CARR give distinction to their work and communities, and are
valuable assets wherever found.

Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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