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COOK, Andrew K.

Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. III pg.4

COOK, ANDREW K., one of the dignified practitioners at the bar of Saint
Petersburg, has in him that rare combination of qualities that approach quite
the ideal in his profession and insure success. He has a keen, alert and
vigorous mind, broad and comprehensive in its grasp, yet masterful and careful
of detail; and with sure precision he goes straight to the heart of the
proposition submitted to him, and seldom does he err in his judgment. He has
always been a close student and tireless worker, keeping abreast of the
rapidly moving and ever-widening current of the law, and not a little has
aided in the true development and proper application of the eternal legal
principals, to the changed and changing conditions of society with its
concomitant, manifold complexities and perplexities. His own clear ideas,
accurate judgment and logical deductions are in argument highly supplemented
and enforced by his wide experience and vast store of knowledge. He never
advises a client until he is sure of the law, and the so-called “tricks” of
the lawyer are unknown to him or of him, but once his services are enlisted in
behalf of a client his great powers of mind, coupled with his wide knowledge
of the law and experience in its practice, and his strong personality are
applied to his client’s cause with all the vigor and earnestness, diligence
and devotion in his power.
Born at Williamsburg, Kentucky, April 23, 1852, ANDREW K. COOK is a son
of WILLIAM S. and MARGARET C. COOK. After attending the common schools he
matriculated in the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Lexington,
Kentucky, but did not remain to graduate. For forty-eight months he was
engaged in teaching school, and during that time began to read law, for from
boyhood he had cherished the ambition to enter the legal profession. Leaving
the educational field for four years thereafter, he served as deputy circuit
and county court clerk, and then, in April, 1875, he was admitted to practice
at Booneville, Kentucky. In 1879 he entered upon an active practice of the
law at London, Kentucky, where he continued until 1883, and then moved to
Kansas and continued his legal work in that state until 1889, when he returned
to Kentucky, located at Pineville, Bell County, and practiced his profession
until 1910. In the last named year he came to Saint Petersburg, and here he
is still practicing law, and has firmly established himself in the confidence
of the public.
On December 15, 1874, Mr. COOK married at Barboursville, Kentucky, LAURA
DISHMAN, a daughter of JOHN DISHMAN. In hearty accord with the principles of
the great emancipator, Mr. COOK was a Lincoln-republican, but after Grover
Cleveland became a presidential candidate Mr. COOK felt himself more in accord
with his ideas, and consequently gave that great statesman his support, and
continues a Cleveland-democrat.
It is impossible to determine the full strength of any man’s influence
on his community, but a fair estimate of it can be gathered from the weight
his opinion has with his associates, and the extent to which his advice is
asked and followed. Judged by this standard Mr. COOK is one of the forceful
factors in his community. He has always been in favor of lines of progressive
development in keeping with those higher ideals toward which the loyal, public-
spirited and patriotic citizen is always striving. Whether through political
or other lines, his labors have always been exerted with the interest of the
city at heart. He has always been deeply interested in local governmental
affairs, and has particularly given of his thought and time to a study of all
matters pertaining to the welfare, representation and public service of his
home ward and division, and has been active in the work of both the great
parties with which he has, at different times, aligned himself.
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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