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DAVIS, M.D., James Ernest 

Source: The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. III pg. 141 1923
Author: The History of Florida: Past & Present

DAVIS, M. D., JAMES ERNEST. While it is undoubtedly true that medical science has made mighty strides forward during the past few years, there is no other profession which demands so much of its votaries as that devoted to the healing art. It commands the greatest of respect, and there are few which offer greater opportunities for the display of character and ability. Dealing with the careers of the men who have contributed to the upbuilding and prominence of the profession and the commonwealth of Florida is a task every writer enjoys, for it leads through many and diverse avenues of usefulness and gives truth and expression to the fact that those who have done most for their fellowmen and for the advancement of the profession are the ones who have lived unselfish and honest lives themselves. In preparing a review of the lives of the men who stand out prominently in the medical profession of the state and who by character and achievement have attained to notable distinction, the record of Dr. JAMES ERNEST DAVIS, of St. Petersburg, is found to be one that compels more than passing mention.

Doctor DAVIS was born in Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation, about forty miles from the present site of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, September 11, 1876, a son of Dr. WILLIS G. DAVIS, a native of Tennessee. The elder Doctor DAVIS graduated in medicine, and was also a clergyman and educator. He moved from Tennessee to Illinois, and from there was sent to Indian Territory as a missionary to the Indians, for which work he was admirably fitted, for aside from his natural ability he spoke Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek and other Indian dialects, and was thus able to speak to the Indians in their own languages.
His work was crowned with success and many were led through his sincerity, earnestness and genuineness to forsake their old ways and embrace Christianity, among them being the notorious outlaw SAM PAUL, who was converted by him. The death of this good and upright man occurred when he was seventy-two years of age, at Dyer, Crawford County, Arkansas. His father was JOHN S. DAVIS, of Tennessee, and three of his sons were ministers of the Methodist Episcopal faith, namely: WILLIS G., JOHN S., Junior, and WILLIAM. Dr. W. G. DAVIS married HENRIETTA POLLOCK, a native Tuscumbia, Alabama, and a daughter of JOHN POLLOCK, a native of Pennsylvania, of Scotch ancestry. He was one of the wealthy men of Pennsylvania, who moved to Alabama and became the owner of a large plantation and many slaves, but lost everything during the war between the two sections of the country. Mrs. DAVIS is also dead, having passed away at the age of seventy-six years. She was the mother of six children, three of whom are still living and are married. Dr. JAMES E.DAVIS was the fifth child in order of birth.Dr. JAMES E. DAVIS completed the grammar schools in Northwestern Arkansas, high school course in Mississippi, and received his medical training in New York City and Baltimore, Maryland, and Chicago, Illinois, and he has also taken up post-graduate work. For six years he conducted a sanitarium at Macon, Georgia and in September, 1920, came to Florida, locating at St. Petersburg. He specializes in nervous and chronic diseases, particularly those of the heart and kidneys, treating them with drugs and physical methods. He is also very successful in treating blood pressure cases and goiter. Doctor DAVIS belongs to the Florida and National Eclectic Medical societies. He is a thirty-second degree, Knight Templar and Shriner Mason, and belongs to the Knights of Pythias, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Junior Order United American Mechanics, the Maccabees, the Improved Order of Red Men, the National Defenders and the Elks. The First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg holds his membership, and he is active in its good work.In August, 1902, Doctor DAVIS married AMY B.MORRISON, of Gainesville, Georgia, a daughter of JOHN A. and MARY (WILSON) MORRISON, and they have five children, namely: JAMES E., Junior, ROY C., AMY D., HARRY and WILLIAM EARL. Doctor DAVIS is conveniently located at 629 Central Avenue, and his office is equipped with all modern appliances, and his practice is constantly increasing.

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