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Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923,  Vol. III pg.84

Fred Chiselbrook photo CHISELBROOK, FRED is principal and owner of the Florida Commercial
Institute at Lakeland. This is a school for commercial training that has made
itself known in the most definite way, by the efficiency of its graduates, and
as an institution for business education that ranks undoubtedly among the best
in the South. It is in some important ways a perfect reflection of the
individual system and genius of Mr. CHISELBROOK, who has made the Chiselbrook
system of commercial instruction significant for the thoroughness demanded by
modern business and industrial vocations.
Mr. CHISELBROOK has had almost a world wide business experience and
training. He was born at Siegen, Germany, October 8, 1887, son of LOUIS and
OTTILIE CHISELBROOK, his mother of French ancestry of an old and aristocratic
family, and his father a Saxon. FRED CHISELBROOK was liberally educated in
the city of Berlin and at Frankfort-on-the-Main. He mastered the commercial
branches, became an expert accountant, and while living in Berlin he was
employed as a certified public accountant and in this capacity audited the
books of the Berlin Branch of the Edison Company, the National Cash Register
Company, the Italy Film Company and many other large institutions. He also
taught commercial branches in several colleges in Berlin, and was a private
teacher there, holding a teacher’s certificate for two cities.
In 1909 he came to America, for a time was an accountant in New York, and
for several years followed commercial lines of work in Ogden, Utah, with the
Amalgamated Sugar Company in 1909, and for 3 ½ years as chief of the
accounting department of the Boyle Furniture Company. Whether as a teacher or
in the practical side of Commercial Accounting he has always been an
originator and has made many improvements in business systems in private
offices. He has performed every detail of office work, correspondence,
general stenography, court reporting, bookkeeping, auditing and public
With these extensive experiences and qualifications Mr. CHISELBROOK came
to Florida in 1915 and bought from W.D. HOLLAND a business college at
Lakeland, thoroughly reorganizing the school as the Florida Commercial
Institute. The curriculum of this school includes not only the ordinary
commercial branches, but lectured and instruction on higher accounting,
auditing, economics of business, organization, transportation, commercial law,
business efficiency, psychology, as well as courses designed to give expert
skill in the handling of all the technical devices known to modern commercial
practice. There is also instruction in French, Spanish and the German
Mr. CHISELBROOK is an accomplished scholar and linguist himself, and has
written many articles on commercial and other subjects for newspapers and
magazines. His assistant is Mrs. CHISELBROOK, also a very talented woman.
They have a staff of competent teachers to fill all the departments of
In Berlin Mr. CHISELBROOK married Miss FRIEDA FRIEDRICH. She was born in
that city, daughter of FREDERICK and JOHANNA (ENGEL) FRIEDRICH, and was
educated there. They have five children, ELLEN, LESTER, ANNA, FRED, Jr., and
Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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