Willoughby Whidden Diary from the Civil War

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Transcription by Denton and Sharon Cash.

Widden Diary p1 First page of the Diary Willoughby Whidden carried with him during the Civil War


                   Febr the 17/4

 Willoughby Whidden was born the 5th day of February 1836

 left home on the 24 of July 1861 and joined State Service mustered as Confederate Service the 24 of Octr 1861

Whidden Diary pg.2

page 2

Drawn from the Government.  June the 9,2 pr of drawers, 1 pr of pants.  +Oct the 21 pr of shoes, pr socks 1 shirt.  Oct 4th pr of pants.  Nov 4th pr jacket.  Nov 20 1 blanket, 1 pr drawers

Whidden Diary p3

page 3

Battle of Chickamauga the 19 & 20th of Septr.  Battle of Missionary Ridge the 25 Nov A.D. 1863.  The 19 & 20 Chick Jackson the enemy came up the 10 of July falling back from Jackson the knight of the 17th of July

Whidden Diary p4

page 4

Left camp & formed line of Battle Feby the 23rd 1864 in line of battle the 24 all quiet up to 12 clk the evening attack made heavy scrimishing & canonading the 25 heavy scrmishg all morning  cav raid on the right on 23rd  heavy canoning 12 oclk 25 light scrmishing the 26 the 27 all quiet and the enemy retreating

Whidden Diary p5

page 5

May the 7th 1864

Returned to our old quarters the 28  Remained in camp till the 7th of May and left camp for Line of Battle the 8 heavy scrimishing on the left 9 light scrimishing 10 heavy canonading and scrimishing 11 one charge 12 heavy canonading come to Resacca on the 13 fighting on the 14 & 15 on the 16th moved on to Calhoun

Whidden Diary p6

page 6

on the 17 moving on to Ladore heavy scrimishing on the evening of the 16 & 17 and at knight we marched al knight camped on the 18th near Kingston the 19 heavy scrimishing at Cassville on the 20 moved back to Cartersville camped on the 21 3 miles of Carterville also the 22 we marched on the 23 on the 24

Whidden Diary p7

page 7

still marching and met the enemy at Dalis and checked them and remained there the 25 heavy engagement in the evening on the right the 26 on the 27 heavy scrmishing Bates division charged the yankee Breastworks on the 28  evening 29 scrimishing and several charges during the knight 30 light scirmishing also the thirty first June

Whidden Diary p8

page 8

June the 1st 1864

The 1st yankee left there Breastworks 2nd light scirmishing our division moved on the right 3rd light scirmishing the 4th all apparently quiet the enemy moving to the right the 5th all quiet the 6 still moving to the right the 7th all quiet alson on the 9 10th scirmishing and canonading 11th dito the 12 heavy scrimishing and canonading 13 light scrim and verry

Whidden Diary p9

Page 9

rainy a.k. On picket 14 heavy scrim and can 15th and a charge in evening 16th heavy can and Fla Brig charged to the left two oclk fell back 3 miles 17 fortifying 18 lay in the breastworks and heavy scrim and can all day also the 19th fell back one and a half miles and Fla Brig in Reserve 20th heavy picket fight for a hill and heavy art and 21 hard

Whidden Diary p10

page 10

scrim & artilery duel 22 Hancock wounded Hoods corps made charge 23 hard scirm and heavy can all along the line 24 light scirm very little artilery 25 scirmishing and some canonading from the mountain on the 26 light scirm Fla Brigade moved one mile in support of Cheaturns Div 27 the enemy made a charge on

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