Willoughby Whidden Diary from the Civil  War

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Transcriptions by Denton and Sharon Cash.

Whidden Diary p11

page 11

Mannes an Vorns Brigades and were repulsed with much loss Fla Brigade was brought to the breastworks under heavy artilery firing 28 lying in the trenches sharp shooting going on from our works 29 an armistress and no firing in our fromt till one aclk and the enemy burying there dead

Whidden Diary p12

page 12

July the 1st 1864

a charge at knight 30 sharp shooting from the Breastworks relarm relarm at knight July the first this good day came in quietly sharpshooting going on 2nd heavy firing of canon & sharpshooting at four oclk a move anticipated at 11 oclk at knight we moved out all quiet marched till nine oclk of the 3rd and formed our line and

Whidden Diary p13

page 13

made breastworks the enemy came in sight some artilery were fired the morning of the 4th likely for rain but pleasant some artilery firing I had a nice cup of coffee for breakfast the evening heavy artilery firing & scirmishing news at sundown of the enemy making a flank movement we left our breastworks at 12 oclk

Whidden Diary p14

page 14

marched 3 miles stacked arms 8 oclk morn of 5th there made brestworks the enemy advanced up canonading & scrim in evening A.K. on Picket the 6th all quiet as usual a few canon fired in the even 7 light scrim and but little artilery firing Fla Brig moved to the front works on the 8th on the 9th light scrim and canonading the army pulling back across

Whidden Diary p15

page 15

The Chattahochee the m. o. of the 10th found us in 4 miles of Atlanta all quiet where we remained till the 11th some canon and scirm near the river rec'd two mo pay 12 remained all quiet 13 could hear some scirm and canon firing 14 about the same 15th all quiet with us some canon firing

Whidden Diary p16

page 16

in direction of the river

16th dito 17 orders to be ready to move but did not move 18th all apparently still some firing in direction of river News of General Johnson giving up Command of Army  Hood assumes comd we moved to the right formed line of Battle at knight built works 19 scirm in our

Whidden Diary p17

page 17

Front 20th canon firing commenced in the morning a charge made on the enemy in the evening 21 marched through Atlanta about 8 oclk Gen Hardees Corps moving 22 and made a charge on the enemy but got repulsed with ... several loss of Fla brigade Lt Collans Private Black

Whidden Diary p18

page 18

of Co A and K wouded & Griffin Co K 23 made breastworks left about 4 oclk in the evening and came back to Atlanta & formed near the West Point road on the 24th made more breastworks 25 still at work with out moving 26 quiet except canon firing also 27 on the 28th a charge made on our left our loss very heavy Fla Brigade

Whidden Diary p19

page 19

Aug the 1st

ordered out but order countermanded after going half a mile 29 some cannonading round the line 30th left our entrenches moved half mile and camp August the 1st moved round to the extreme left 2 Bates Division moved to the right center where we lay in reserve all day 3rd the 1st & 4 sent out on picket 4 made

Whidden Diary p20

page 20

picket works all day on the 5th the yanks drove in our vicinity at daylight sharpshooting all day Owen Anders killed one of Co V wounded the 6th heavy scrimishing A J Fisher killed 7 moved back to the breastworks heavy scrimishing 8 quiet but heavy scrimishing and artilery duel 9th 1st & 4 & 1 & 3 Fla on

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